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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paris Snapshots Pt II.

Hi everyone!

Finally, here is the last of Paris! Just in time for me to go to Milan/Como tomorrow + Friday and Verona/ Lake Garda on Sunday for more travel pictures, ha.

My last few days in Paris were going to important events that were planned out by the school: Premiere Vision which is the #1 fashion tradeshow in the world, and Trend Union-- a trend forecasting company for the industry.

Both were amazing and I feel lucky to have been able to have gone to places only for industry professionals while I'm still in college. Premiere Vision was absolutely massive...not only did they have all the fabrics and colors picked out for the coming seasons, but they have all the trims, findings, yarns, prints, graphic design, and more for you to see. I never thought it would be so big, and the picture of the booths really can't do it justice because it stretched far beyond that. I was able to walk around for a few hours and meet booth owners, but still didn't even get through all the show! We had a little presentation put on for students, as well, where I got to hear designer Orla Kiely speak about the important of the trade show.

Trend Union was that same day and we had a lecture at the headquarters about how exactly trend forecasting companies predict what will be "in" in the coming season which was interesting. Then we got to watch the Spring/Summer presentation the fashion guru of the company put together for what will be popular-- it was mind blowing and blew me out of the water. Everything was so on point with culture and what's popular, and it's like she knew what I wanted even before I knew myself. It's "top secret" information that only industry professionals are allowed to know now, so I couldn't take pictures and probably can't write about it either. But I am excited to see if these predictions come true and the take designers have of them for their collections!

On a separate day some friends and I went and saw the love lock bridge which is incredible! A lot of the bridges in Paris have these locks all over them, but I believe this is the main one. Sad, but my aunt told me Paris is planning on taking off all the locks and replacing the rails with glass so people can't do it anymore. Not sure why they would want to do this to such an important attraction and piece of Paris people love! 

Another day we toured the modern art museum, The Pompiduo, which I never would have picked out for myself to go tour, but am glad we did have a chance. It was divided into contemporary art and modern art; and I just don't feel like I'm intelligent or deep enough to understand modern art ha (you know, black painted canvases or ones with a single line and such). I really enjoyed the contemporary part and that's what all the pictures are from above. It really wasn't paintings, but more so of installations which left a lasting impact on the way you think and saw things. 

Finally, on the last day we had free time in the morning to do what we wanted until we were boarding the plane later that day, and I took the morning to go off by myself on a little adventure. It was hard for me to constantly be with people the whole trip...it left me feeling exhausted and just in a lot of need in down/alone time. So I managed to stumble upon a giant flea market actually which was such a treat!! It was an awesome experience to kind of 'thrift' in another country, and I managed to find special pieces. I got some vintage pins, one a camera and another a pink scooter, and also a vintage 100% silk skirt made in France for only 1 euro. 

After the flea market I took the metro to the Louvre section and looked around. I didn't actually get a chance to go inside though :( It was super busy and I wanted to make sure I got back to the hostel with plenty of time so as not to miss the flight. But I did get to take pictures of the outside which was quite magnificent, as well!

Paris was wonderful and I had a great time; hoping I can go back someday to see all the things I wasn't able to. So much to see and do in the city of lights! 

With much love, Lauren,


Unknown said...

Such cute pictures! You're adorable and I hope you're having lots of fun!

Kezzie said...

Hi Lauren!
Ahrgh, Centre Pompadou is Amazing!!!
We went there and there was some bizarre gallery on loops on old vintage tv sets. All was a bit above me in terms of cerebral art but was so cool elsewhere! There was a whole exhibition on contemporary dance which I loved! Wish I'd seen the lock bridge.
Your lectures sound pretty Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! Actually, the council wants to have the locks removed since parts of the rail fell down because of the weight. That was a miracle no one was hurt when that happened actually!

Anonymous said...

OMG Lauren! You look SO beautiful and SO happy! I am VERY happy for you!

eleanormeleanor said...

They're removing the locks because, unfortunately, it seriously compromises the structure of the bridge. I was there this summer, and heard a tour guide mention that it nearly collapsed less than a year ago :(

Charmaine said...

Great photos! You are looking more and more beautiful every post! Europe suits you just fine.

Unknown said...

Your bun is so on point in that last photo! Also that is so amazing you got to attend that Fashion trade show, I can't wait to see if their predictions were correct also, if you are able to post about it in the future.

Forwhichtheheartbeats said...

I have been to Paris twice and both time visited the Premiere Vision. Massive IS the word for it, but its is incredible right? All your Paris pictures bring back so many memories for me. Thanks for sharing :)I love the last pic of you.

Ro said...

I am not a blogger but I love following you and yours because it is inspirational, from your fashion sense, to your beautiful words, to your passion for life. Also, your exchange looks fantastic and makes me want to save up and go! Thank you for sharing, Lauren! <3

Unknown said...

How blessed u r to not only be in Europe, dear Lauren, but to attend things specific to the direction you wish to make your life's work out of!

I watched on YouTube this video that was essentially someone taking a video camera and taking the viewers on a walking tour of Paris (there were English subtitles, but no speaking) ... when they got to the Louvre, all I saw were the largest crowds anywhere to where you couldn't - breathe - or move around! It reminded me - bad analogy, considering its the most premier place for artwork! - of a bar on a weekend, where you're forced to dance in one place! So do not be too disappointed, my dear friend! If you stuck around all day, I don't think that would have changed!

Elizabeth said...

Paris looks so dreamy and beautiful! I know every girl says its her dream to go, but it really is! I hope someday I'll have the opportunity, Lord willing that is!

With Love, Elizabeth

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