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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prague Part I.

(Lol, incredibly hilarious fake Chanel down to the tweed suit and quilted bag).

Hello everyone!

Here is my first set of snapshots from Prague this past weekend. I know this is a ton of photos, but I just couldn't narrow it all down because it was a phenomenal city. I have a part II and part III that I will post soon though that thankfully don't have as many photos as this post :)

My first day in Prague was spent just walking around and exploring the city, which I'll go more into detail about in the next post since this one is picture heavy. We visited both old town and new town, but even in new town all of the buildings are gorgeous, antique structures. Strangely enough, Prague quite reminded me of my home town! Maybe it was the brick, the beautiful crown molding, or the cool fall weather...but it felt comforting to be in Prague and feel like I was home! 

I was interested to learn that most of the structures in Prague are the originals from when they were built and survived WWII bombing, unlike many European cities. Coming from the US, and especially Ohio which wasn't founded too long ago the history of these buildings and this city was incredible to me. I've never seen things so old.

Prague just has such an interesting feel to it. When people tried to explain Prague to me before I went, they were just kind of speechless and could only say..."there's just something about it." And they're so right. It's just a beautiful mixture of old and new, history and modernity, culture and new wave. It was a unique city in the aspect that there's so much to do and so much going on constantly. There were always street performers (and not like the creepy statue ones we have here in Florence that stand there until you pay them), but genuinely, talented people. Just in the old town square one day, there was a hacky sack artist, a guy showing off baby pigs, a blue grass band, a guitarist singing 90's hits, a snake charmer, some fellows "levitating," a puppeteer, bubble makers, and a guy doing extreme tricks. Some of the acts more serious then others, but honestly everyone was so talented and it was a real treat to see.

I was super excited to try out the foods in Prague and get away from pasta for a little bit (not that I don't love it, but every day gets meh). The breakfasts that were provided for us at the hostel were amazing: beans, kiwi, bread rolls with honey, croissants, apples, sausages, granola and yogurt, eggs (boiled and scrambled), coffee, orange juice...so much! When I was out and about I loved the traditional Czech dessert called Trdelník. Oh my goodness, I want this every day of my life! It is a bread that they bake over hot coals on a sort of rolling pin, then roll it on butter, sugar, cinnamon, and almonds...It's warm and delicious and I got one both days I was there, ha. For dinner on the first day we ate at a traditional Czech restaurant where I got goulash  (like a meat soup), dumplings, and fried and breaded potatoes...amazing. It's crazy how filling the meal was--after half of it I was already full. I got a coke with my meal, but most the people in my group got Pilsner beers which were actually CHEAPER than my coke! I didn't realize that the Czech Republic were bigger beer drinkers than Germany; I had an eye opener. All the food was super cheap there that I couldn't even believe it when I got my bill. I wasn't going to argue though!

Whew, that's just a little bit of my first day/first impressions of the city. I'll write more about what I actually did tomorrow when I post the last photos from Day I.

With much love, Lauren.


Rose said...

These pictures are so beautiful! I've been following your blog for a while now and I adore reading it. I've loved seeing all of your travel posts. :)

Ryan Fourhman said...

wow so beautiful ...cant believe you left me in ohio

Jeannee Waseck said...

Oh, my dear Lauren! - your entire travel experience literally speaks of the phrase "breathtakingly phenomenal"!!! Dare I say that you also felt like it was home because of the Starbucks :)

Eccentric Owl said...

Prague looks really amazing! And all of the things you saw sound so interesting. Oh, I so want to travel to places like this! It's amazing that their buildings survived the war; they are beautiful!

Jamie Rose D. said...

I love that the beer in a lot of European countries is cheaper than other drinks. It's so much better than the mass produced American beers too. And probably better for you than a coke haha. I just love all these pictures you took. I have to add Prague to my list of places to visit. It looks amazing!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Anonymous said...

Hi! Prag is amazing but when you`re in Europe you have to visit Cracow! It`s so amazing there, really you want to come back there every free time. Which countries do you plan to visit?
Greetings from Poland


Anonymous said...


I have a question for you: how long is your tripod where you always make outfit pictures with? Or could you tell me which one you got?

I hope you will answer my question

Anonymous said...


I have a question for you: how long is your tripod where you always make outfit pictures with? Or could you tell me which one you got?

I hope you will answer my question

Eea Petrescu said...

I miss Prague so much! It is the best city ever!

You made me nostalgic :P

thank you,

Anonymous said...

But Trdelník is not traditional Czech dessert. It's originally from Slovakia :D

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