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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Prague Part II.

The oldest Jewish synagogue still left.

Hello everyone

Here is part two of my Prague trip, but these are all still photos from day one. 

As I said in my last post, we explored both old town and new town the first day and I was able to see the Astronomical Clock in the old town square, actually going up inside it through a series of stairs! It gave the most spectacular view to look over all of Prague where a lot of the snaps were in my first post.

Then, we went to Josef, a Jewish ghetto from WWII which houses the oldest Jewish synagogue still standing today. After all of the guided historical tour, we were then given free time for the rest of the day and myself and two friends just went around exploring, taking everything in.

That evening we went to the traditional Czech restaurant like I said last post, but then after we actually went out which was surprisingly really fun! Our guide took us to a very underground, local Czech bar that was three levels, each with a different theme. The first level was just sort of a social place to get drinks and was so crowed you couldn't move...but as you went down to the second floor, they had an awesome alternative punk band playing right on the floor. Everyone was right up close to them, singing, dancing, and swaying and it was just the coolest feeling. I loved the band and the atmosphere, and was just memorized by this awesome, authentic experience I was having. The third floor was kind of scary, ha. It was much like the second, but they had this hard core screamo band and people were obviously really messed up so I just mostly stayed to the second floor and really enjoyed myself observing everything before we went to the next place. 

We went to a video dance club that played 80's, 90's, and early 2000's music. It.was.a.blast. 90's music is my favorite, and they played the music videos to the songs on a huge screen overlooking the dance floor.  When we first got there we were really confused why everyone said it was a good place to go because no one was on the dance floor and the people who were...were old. Ha, like really old. But as the night went on, more and more people came and it got crowed and everyone just let loose and danced to all the songs. Heard some songs I hadn't in forever and stayed out until about 1 o'clock which is super rare for me nowadays (even rarer to see me go to a party). It was such a good evening of food, music, and dancing, but I was pooped to say the least when we got back to the hostel...

With much love, Lauren.



Eccentric Owl said...

That synagogue is amazing. And the pastry looks so good! I love the picture of the guy levitating, too; street performers like that are so fun! Prague looks SO amazing and it sounds like you had so much fun!

Kezzie said...

Looks great!!!! The club sounds amazing!x

Unknown said...

AND YOU WORE PANTS ;) ... Again, Lauren, thank you for giving us such a full travelogue treatment, that I (and I'm sure many readers, too!) feel like we are righttherewithyou (even if we are very old, ha ;) ) !

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