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Friday, June 13, 2014

Slow Down.

1960's Nautical T: hand me down gift.
Denim Mini Skirt: c/o Chicnova.
White Loafers, Gold Chain Necklace: Thrifted.
Gingham Hair Accessory: Aeropostale.
Lipstick in MAC's Lady Danger.

Hello ♥ 

These photos reflect the mood I was in today really well. Sometimes I just get down without explanation. It's been two years since I've been on 'depression medication,' but I think sometimes a common misconception people think is that once you start taking the pills, all of the sadness goes away. It doesn't. There are still days (like today) where it just kind of lingers over your heart heavily. Like I said, no particular reason for the sadness, and I think that's what actually makes me angry. I think about this spectacular life I am blessed with and that I get to wake up and breathe every day. That alone is enough for me. And the fact that I'm still sad when my life is perfect (not literal sense), but by that I'm alive and healthy. It makes me feel like I'm ungrateful, undeserving of God's graces He gives me, and I usually try all day to pull myself out of the bad mood. Usually it's without avail, and I just bring those around me into a grumpy mood, as well.

I know one full proof thing that always lifts this unwanted sadness though, and that's taking outfit pictures. It's as though as soon as I find that perfect location my car pulls up to, set up my tripod, and start 'posing,' my mind and thoughts drift away...my spirit is lightened and just feels so joyous, I can't help but sometimes skip between shots in eager anticipation of what I'm going to create next. I don't know what it is about taking outfit pictures that helps me. Perhaps it's the creative outlet. Being alone just by myself. Getting something accomplished. I don't know, but it works every single time.

You can kind of see the change in my facial expressions of these photos as my mood begins to change and I begin to lighten up and feel inspired and free. Just kind of cool to see, and it comforts me that this is something I can always do...no one can take it away from me and the peace I receive from it. x

With much love, Lauren.


Classy Peach said...

This look is gorgeous! I adore how simple it is, yet so chic!


Unknown said...

This outfit is perfectly summery with your nautical top and denim skirt. So so cute. I'd wear this in an instant.

I hope you start feeling better!


Unknown said...

You look so great and summery. Im glad you are so open talking about your depression because it is not something to be ashamed of, I say that as someone in psychology of course but still! Im glad you have an outlet to feel better and your photos always look gorgeous so it shows how much you love it.

Elliementary, My Dear said...

You look adorable :) I'd totally want to wear this outfit to the beach. I have a similar problem with lingering sadness. Even though it sucks, it's nice to hear I'm not the only person who deals with this. Glad that taking outfit pictures makes you feel better.

Kezzie said...

You look lovely! If you do come to the UK and we somehow manage to say hi in person one day, I wish you'd show me how you do your hair!!!!

Depression is one of those terribly hard things. I have a fair few Christian friends with depression and I know they get really frustrated with it. But think that maybe God is using you a witness for how you continue to deal with it through his support-his showing you how to counteract it. Is that any sort of comfort?? Hugs to you pretty lady! X

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

These photos are lovely, and I adore your hair do today! :-) It's also great to read how blogging helps you. It's kind of amazing what a blog can do for you, isn't it? :) xo

Alexandra Marie said...

LOVE this outfit- you look adorable! Alex


Hannah Barta said...

Your hair is so pretty!

dance a real

Cami said...

Your hair looks absolutely adorable! Hope tomorrow is a happier day for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Rome currently, just as you are soon going to Italy and I saw someone by the colosseum that looked exactly like you! She was wearing an outfit that seemed exactly like you would wear; 50's style dress covered in sailboats, a red necktie scarf, a red beret, red lipstick, blue jacket and red heels. I was sure it was you and thought about stopping here when I remembered reading that you wouldn't be in Italy for quite a while.
Anyway I'm done talking about my ramble.


Isabelle said...

Love this outfit! And sorry to hear about how you've been feeling- we are so similar in that sense. I often become frustrated from this random sadness which only sends me further down hill. Hope you feel better lovely! Have a great week. :)

xo, Isabelle


CiCi said...

The more I think about it the more I follow what you're saying about how putting photos together for blog posts like this can help lift your mood - and now I have to fully agree. It really can help!

I love your look here, especially that adorable hairstyle, the great lipstick and the colours you've put together. Lovely and summery.

CC x (http://cici-marie.blogspot.com)

LaurenLovesLaughter said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful words - it's great that you have something that helps to lift your spirits :)
Please don't stop because your posts always bring a smile to my face and lift my own spirits! :)

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