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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tough Kitty.

Cat Dress: Borrowed from Sammi.
Spiked Heels: TJ Maxx.
Leather Jacket: H&M.
Sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses Warehouse.

Hello everyone! 
Here is the second of three looks styling up this kitty dress! My instinct to initially style it was vintage and feminine, but it can be styled the total opposite, as well. A dress this sweet doesn't always have to be styled that way--I kind of love it with tougher accessories to add some edge. 

I had a really lovely weekend with a nice balance of working and hanging out with friends and family. It was Steak N' Shake's 80th birthday on Saturday so my boyfriend and I of course had to go for milkshakes! I've also been really trying to work and get motivated more about doing Bible studies and getting into youth groups. It's not that I haven't been motivated...but I just really want to grow closer and strengthen my relationship with God this summer. I have the time and resources, and I want to utilize them. I've just had this draw and pull to do more and become more involved when it comes to my faith, so I'll take that as a whisper from God and run with it.

My mother's birthday is today so we'll be doing some fun things to celebrate! Her and my father went to the West Side Market the other day and brought home huge gourmet cupcakes...ugh, so delcious! It was a good weekend. x

With much love, Lauren.


Hannah Barta said...

I love the outfit! And that milkshake looks so delicious :) Yay for you for your desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus over the summer! Me too :)

dance a real

Unknown said...

Absolutely in love with this dress. And it looks really good on you!

x Angela

Katie Aman said...

That kitty dress is one of my absolute favorites! I love how cute it looks even with a leather jacket. Happy birthday to your mom, and all those sweets sound amazing...milkshakes AND cupcakes?! Now my sweet tooth is calling :)

Ruby Sterland said...

I love how you're styling this dress, I'm obsessed with it! Loving the heels Lauren. Dayumn girl! x


Jenna Leigh said...

haha cute outfit!


Annika Victoria said...

Lol, everyone is wearing borrowed from Sammi dresses in their posts today! ^^

Charmaine said...

I love this look from head to toe! I would wear this in a heartbeat.

Unknown said...

Wow! I absolutely love this combination - you've convinced me I am in desperate need of a leather jacket! I've really enjoyed this little "mini-series" of posts on the Cat Dress, and hope to see more like it in the future!

Miranda said...

Cute! I like it with the belt added, and the cat eye glasses :) I'd love for you to check out my new post! I'm back in the blogging world (hopefully for good this time)!


Kristian said...

I've seen this dress on other bloggers, but really love it here; have never seen it paired with a leather jacket and it lends a tough air to it.

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