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Monday, June 23, 2014

Loves Like a Hurricane.

Floral Crop Top: Aeropostale.
Burgandy Circle Skirt: c/o OASAP.
Kimono, Floppy Hat, Loafers: Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Please Me.

Hello all  ♥ 

For awhile now I've been thinking about  how perhaps how my writing has been kind of stagnant lately because I've been lacking new experiences. I wrote a lot in high school about struggles with not having friends, my OCD, my depression, and wanting to get away from hometown. Then before college I had a huge breakup that shaped me a lot, and then of course moving away to college is a huge life changer. In all of these moments in my life, my writing has been really strong. It's come easily and I could write things I was proud of and that truly expressed my emotions. I'd say this past year through my sophomore year of college and this summer I've been kind of at a dry place in my writing because I'm not experiencing anything new to really be moved enough to write passionately. It somewhat bothers me, but not a ton because I know that studying abroad will be the biggest life changer thus far in my life; I'm sure I'll probably have too much to write about.

But something actually happened unexpectedly last night that caught me off guard and was one of those life changing moments I guess. I never thought just living and enjoying summer in my hometown would bring one about a random, somewhat uncommon, experience that I never thought I'd have.

My mother loves Mcdonald's unsweetened ice teas. She's gotten four a day (before work, lunch break, coming home, and evening) for probably the past thirty years. I can't remember a time when we don't go to Mcdonald's, and it sounds silly, but it's a weird bonding experience for my mom and I. I'll go with her every night around 10:30 or so and we'll talk and chat about that day while she gets her tea. Last night I went with her like I have hundreds, perhaps even a thousands times, but in all those 3 minute trips down to Mcdonald's we've never witnessed an accident.

We were sitting at the bottom of a hill waiting to turn when a motorcycle came fastily around the bend and tried going up the hill. We could immediately see that it wasn't going to make it, and they almost hit us as we kind of braced ourselves, but it ended up toppling over and both riders were thrown off the vehicle. In absolute terror and not knowing what to do, fearing they were dead, we drove away and then called 911. As we drove back, one of the guys was up and trying to get the motorcycle to start, the other sitting in the woods with his head in his hands, no moving. I asked them if they were okay, and the one moving said yes, so we told them we had called 911 anyways to come help. It wasn't until we had turned around and glanced back we saw the moving man trying to throw a case of beer into the woods and falling down in trying to do so.

They were drunk. 

In that moment my stomach dropped as the realization hit me that these two guys could have killed us if we had been a few seconds earlier. They could have killed themselves. They could have killed someone along the way after trying to get up from their accident and flee the scene. All because they had decided to drink and drive home that night. I became so livid and sick feeling inside, to realize that this stuff really happens. That people drive drunk and they threaten the lives of others just because they don't want to be responsible. 

The 911 operator that was still on the line heard me exclaim with disbelief that they were drunk, and she transferred me over to the police station where I reported everything that had happened. My mom and I waited around and the guys threw the motorcycle in the ditch and tried getting away before the police got there in order not to be caught, but they were badly injured and too drunk too hardly walk. I got a call later from the police saying they got them and I was so relieved...I didn't want to think about if they hadn't caught these guys that they wouldn't have been persecuted and been punished for their actions. 

It sounds maybe dumb to you all that this would be one of those moments that changes the way you think about things, but it was just like anything that has ever happened to me. I can't explain how I feel that I could have been hit, injured, and possibly killed because of these two guys and their actions. It makes me livid about drunk drivers, absolutely livid. Almost to the point where I'm not sure anymore whether I want to have a drink on my 21st birthday because I'm just so disgusted by this substance that people abuse. 

I don't know. It was just one of those moments that you never expect to come, but kind of changes you forever. Scary how that can happen.

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

Pretty sobering! It devastates lives. I've known two people die frim liver disease from the alcohol, people I cared about. Whilst I am not against alcohol, I really don't like it, what it does to people and what they do under its influence. I don't drink and I am glad I am not in any way compelled to drink. That said, I have drunk in the past, as a student but never wanted to waste money on it so was rare x

Kezzie said...

Nice outfit though I was amused by the one in which you look like you're wearing JUST the kimono!x

Anonymous said...

Be careful when dealing with drunks ( esp men) when you are a girl. never know what might happen.....
Kayc( pronounced Kasey)

Ashley said...

What an amazingly lovely set of photos accompanied by such a scary story! It's scary that some people don't care about the consequences of their actions. I don't often drink, and only a small glass of wine when I do, because I like to be in control of myself and my actions. With that being said, these photos are really just so lovely!

Unknown said...

Really nice outfit! :)

x Angela

Ruby Sterland said...

I completely agree Lauren, why anyone would drink and drive is completely beyond me. You definitely did the right thing to call the police, and it's good to know the police caught up with them. Also, I love these photos, your outfit is so pretty! x


Miranda said...

That kind of experience can definitely shape you. It's scary how people can make terrible decisions like that, and how easily it could change someone else's life for the worse. You and your mom did the right thing, for sure, and I'm glad no one was hurt.
With that being said - this is a lovely outfit. I've been loving the kimono trend, but haven't been able to find one that I like. I love how you styled it!


OrigamiGirl said...

Wow Lauren. I'm really glad that you are still alive and well. It must be terrifying to have come so close. That can really shake a person up, however it happens so even more so when you know how close it came and why it happened. I'm really impressed with you calling the police and staying to deal with it all. It takes guts to stay by the scene and deal with it calmly. Serious kudos and hugs. I hope you're feeling better.

Unknown said...

That sounds like such a scary story but just shows the horrible things that can occur when one makes dumb choices like drinking and driving. I don't blame you for feeling rattled after seeing it but Im glad that they were caught.
On another note your outfit really is adorable.

Samantha said...

Uhh, I despise drinking and driving. I really, really do. Good thing you took action!

HappyLeaps.blogspot.ca said...

I am so so in love with that hat, I have a big thing for hats haha for sure floppy ones are right up there on my list! and I just adore the setting of this beautiful field, gorgeous photographs as always.

I agree, I don't condone drunk driving that is never okay. I commend your actions for taking control of the situation and calling the authorities. However I still see no harm in having a drink on your 21st birthday, if you don't want to its fine but it is a celebration after all and as long as you do it responsibly I think it's all right. Some people just don't know their limits and thats when it gets scary. However I drink casually and for sure when I turned 18 I had a nice time with family and friends enjoying some beverages.

I guess my point is don't let one experience ruin it for you, trust me a glass of champagne is refreshing haha :)

Love Rhiannon

Sammi said...

I missed this entry somehow. I'm so glad you're okay. I will never, ever understand why people continue to drive drunk and put their lives and the lives of countless others in jeopardy. I hate alcohol and I hate what it does to people.

xox Sammi

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