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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back To The Future.

Striped Dress: Gift (Forever21).
Black Scarf: Gift.
Patterned Tights: Gift.
Black Oxfords: Gift (Forever21).
Pearl Clip Earrings: Thrifted.
Patent Belt: Kohl's.

Hello everyone!

Often times I feel as though I am stuck in the past. Not necessarily the past of my own life, but the past of life in general. The way I dress, my ideals, beliefs, and thoughts are those of a girl in the 1950's. I've always thought I would have just fit better if I had been born oh, let's say in 1953 rather than 1993.

Today it was actually strange for me to wear such a modern outfit. I generally have people stare at me when I wear a vintage inspired look, but it is a stare of admiration. I was disgusted to be stared at today because of lust. Sometimes I don't even know how to dress like a modern teenager, but I'm glad I don't. When going to the mall a few days ago, I was shocked to see how sexualized and revealing the clothing is. What's more shocking is that teenagers actually buy these clothes. What ever happened to the peter pan blouses and circle skirts? What ever happened to the voluminous prom dresses with petticoats that brushed the floor? These items have been replaced with cleavage baring tank tops and mini skirts showing more leg than I'd ever care to see. These beautiful, elegant prom dresses have been replaced with tight, short, ruched stripper dresses.

What ever happened to dressing like a lady?

Ironically enough Matt and I watched the movie Back To The Future tonight. It really made me stop and think about the way our society dresses today. I stared in awe at the gorgeous dresses and hairstyles that the movie replicated from the 1950's. It was truly so inspiring. After watching the movie tonight, I made note in my head of something: to never stop dressing like a lady. I don't want to ever give in to dressing to please guys, or dress sexier to make myself feel beautiful. My girly, modest, retro dresses are perfect just the way they are.

Hope you all are doing well!
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Goodness, I rambled too much today... I'm going to have to post my five things I love about blogging tomorrow! Oppsie :)


Brooke said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT OUTFIT! I want to go to forever 21 right now and buy that dress! I also love your hair in a bun. It looks great! And your right, I hate how teenagers dress these days. It's ridiculous. Glad you got the award! I can't wait to see what you love about blogging(:

Mila said...

The title actually perfectly describes your outfit--it has a little old and new in it. I love the skirt! I agree with you on "modern" clothing, gorgeous prom dresses like yours have been replaced with revealing tacky satin neon dresses...thanks for keeping your amazing style in this world of duplicate fashion!:)


April said...

You're sweet. I was going to say I think this is my favorite outfit I've seen you wear, but now I'm a bit afraid too.. ;) I JUST LOVE STRIPES, AND LACE HOSERY, AND BOOTIES, OKAY?!?! haha I like sexying things up sometimes, but when I do I get unwanted attention - usually from men who are old enough to be my father. I guess there's something to be said for modesty, of course, but the thing is even if I am wearing a low cut top or shirt skirt, that doesn't give anyone the right to disrespect me. It's that whole she-was-asking-for-it rape defense. It's still unacceptable. .... Not that I've ever had an opinion in my life... ;)

Shady Del Knight said...

Pictures are quite naturally the main attraction of fashion blogs like yours, Lauren, but it is the manner in which you express yourself in words that sets your site apart from the others. You radiate warmth and kindness, goodness and decency. It is a tribute to your family that they raised you with a set of values reminiscent of the 1950's. As the Monkees put it, "that was then, this is now." What happens in this day and age when someone like you follows your own moral compass, refuses to run with the crowd, refuses to follow all the latest superficial fads and trends, and refuses to use alcohol, drugs and sex as a means of gaining popularity? What happens? You become empowered. People who respect themselves command respect. Instead of attracting trouble and misery into your life you attract people who recognize and admire your virtue, people who believe in you and want to help you succeed. You make your own good fortune. I applaud you for having the courage to resist peer pressure and just be yourself.

I want to thank you very much, Lauren, for posting a comment on my blog that is beyond awesome. It's one of the nicest testimonials I have ever received in blogging or in any other aspect of my life. I'm glad we made a connection just in time for you to meet the real me, the nonsmoker behind the man with the pipe. Thank you, Lauren, for making my day and my year with your beautiful words. Like a modern day Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O you are loaded with class. You are ageless and timeless. I am honored to have you as a new friend!

Amanda said...

You have such a sweet blog lady, I'm glad I discovered it! Definitely following now. This is such a pretty dress, it looks gorgeous on you!


wanilianna said...

don't get cold, I see lots of snow nd frost around:-)

Kelly said...

I love this! Great combo of patterns!

Unknown said...

I def, agree that styles these day nare EXTREMELY revealing and sadly for me i will throw on a t shirt with a cute pair of jeans!
Which just doesn't seem all that stylish and i always wanna be up to date with fashion but it's seems a bit risky and my mother raised me better than to "fit in" i admire your ability to stand out :)

Peacock's Hat said...

This was such a lovely post to read. I never felt the pressure to dress sexily when I was younger, and just feel ridiculous if I try now- if I am attempt to dress 'sexy', it's usually with a heavy vintage inspired/retro feel, because I think women back in the day managed to look sexy AND glamorous, not just skanky.

Jenna said...

You're so right. It's like lady has been MIA these days. Revealing too much in outfits isn't "sexy," it's inappropriate and ugly!!
This post is just another reminder to me as to how much I love your blog. You don't just post awesome outfit pictures, but your posts are wholesome and are always about something important!!
Love that dress, it looks so cool with the belt!!
And thanks for your comment it made me feel so much better about my photographic ablities!! :D

Unknown said...

Hi my beauty!
Looking lovely as usual!
I am featuring you in a 'bestof 2010' post tommorrow w/link and other blogger.
if not OK, please let me know?xXx

Tayler Worrell said...

I really do love this dress on you though. I think its a modern way of feminine dressing and I like it :) but yea dressing for someone else is almost always out of the question for me and many other style bloggers, so your totally right.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Oh I love love what you wrote here. I actually run a side site that is specifically about modesty and I run a daily modest outfit inspiration on its' tumblr and am featuring this outfit on it right now because of the beautiful outfit. . .but your words have definitely made me swoooooon because I have a really hard time seeing how things are so glorified in our culture to wear less instead of to just be lady-like and modest!
your feature is going right now on http://rubyeyedokapi.tumblr.com and later on (sunday) will be posted up on my personal fashion blog http://tiedemanntribe.blogspot.com
I'm going to continue to read your blog because of your stances and because of your other amazing outfits I have seen posted too while browsing your blog!!

Unknown said...

Hmm. Even if women were wearing more modest, elegant outfits in the past, they had so much less power than they have today. Women are still subject to all kinds of gender-based discrimination. I think that being able to wear whatever you want as a method of self-expression is great. Wearing a miniskirt is a way of asserting your own control over your body. I guess the fact is though that most women wear miniskirts as a way to attract male attention, not as a way of asserting their control over their own body. I don't know if it's fair to judge people for wanting sexual attention, especially teenagers. Sexuality is a normal part of life, you know? I guess what concerns me more is that people believe that dressing promiscuously means that you're a slut or that you WANT to have sex. The whole "she was asking for it because she had on a sexy outfit" victim-blaming strategy that people use to excuse rape and sexual assault. I think that to show or not to show your body is a personal decision.

I also often wonder if our ideas about what people wore are really misguided. Movies, photographs from special occasions, the fact that people are more likely to save special clothes, etc., might give us the idea that people wore nicer things than they actually did on an everyday basis... I don't know though!

Anyway, it might kind of gross me out to see a girl's butt hanging out of her miniskirt, but I'd take that over midcentury misogyny any day.

And I love your outfit. I would have given you a stare of admiration :D

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