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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Silver Bells.

Black Turtleneck Dress: Thrifted.
Grey Cardigan: Kohl's.
Grey High Heels: Forever21.
Jeweled Headband: Forever21.
Silver necklaces and earrings: All Thrifted.
Black Belt: Forever21.
Patterned Tights: Early Christmas Gift from my parents (thanks mom and dad!)

Hello everyone!
Please excuse my pained expressions and cherry red nose: it was -10 degrees outside when I took these! Goodness, Ohio is so miserable in the winter...

Although this outfit was pretty basic and fairly matchy-matchy, I did quite like it. I really wanted to have my new patterned tights be the focus, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple. I was very warm except for my legs! I might as well not have worn any tights at all, ha.

Hope everyone is doing well!
With much love,Lauren.


Mandy said...

I think the gray + black look great!

Love, Trixie said...

You do look quite cold! But also really very stylish :) Loving the patterned tights, they just add an extra 'something' and take any look up a level. I've also been really into hair accessories lately . . bows, fascinators, headbands. . . you name it! So obviously I really like yours!

hearts and hugs,

Marg said...

Your outfit is so pretty!!!!!

Brooke said...

I love that outfit! It looks great on you!

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

That's a gorgeous outfit! Again, I'm amazed at your ability to throw things together. It looks so pretty (and you)!
Wow it looks freezing!
Ps...how do you walk in heels in the snow!!??

Maria said...

You look great, as always! I really love your shoes. This might sound crazy to you, but I miss the cold. It was like 73 degrees here today and I want winter time! I miss the frigid upstate NY cold I got use to. Maybe we should trade places?

Anonymous said...

I Personnaly like this outfit. The colors work well together and that is fine with me.

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