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Friday, December 24, 2010

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Silver Key Necklace: Christmas Gift from Matt! :)
Black Velvet Dress: Forever21.
White Lace Gloves: Thrifted.
Silver Drop Earrings: Thrifted.
Patterned Tights: Gift from my parents.
Black T-Strap Heels: Target.
Headband: Who Knows?

Hello everyone and Happy Christmas Eve!

This is the outfit I wore to Christmas mass tonight! I've sure gotten a lot more use out of this little Forever21 dress than I thought I would. Oh, and did you notice the new little treasure I have around my neck...? It's my gift from Matt! For years I've been wanting a key necklace, and this Christmas he gave me the one I could only dream of having. It's truly perfect and I haven't taken it off since he gave it to me! I have a feeling you all will be seeing a lot of it in future outfit posts...

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas tomorrow! I am so incredibly thankful for everything God has given me in my life. I don't think I could ever express my gratitude enough! Have a lovely day with your families and I hope Santa visits you all. ;)

With much love and glad tidings,

P.S. I was also incredibly flattered to be featured by Annebeth in a Chictopia article and on her blog about vintage party looks. If you want, here's where you can check it out at! http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com/2010/12/5-6-7-8.html


April said...

Great outfit! Merry Christmas! That's a really great key necklace he got you!

Shady Del Knight said...

Lauren, after reading your kind comments on my blog tonight I was so touched that I felt compelled to post a reply here as well as there. You are a very special young woman and you deserve all the plaudits you are getting. You are a rare combination of beauty, fashion savvy, and a great attitude. You radiate enthusiasm and positive energy in every one of your photo sets. The key necklace is fabulous. I love your macro scans that allow us to see it closeup. Your bangs are looking great. You look even better now than in those older images posted on Chictopia. You are a lucky girl. Matt is a very lucky guy. Your readers and followers are lucky to have your superb blog to visit for inspiration and ideas. This is vintage done right! Ask your mother if she remembers actress Yvonne Craig, the striking brunette who played Batgirl in the Batman TV series. I think you also look very much like her. Thank you, Lauren, for accepting and appreciating my input. You have lots of class and you have made this Christmas extra special for me! Once again, a very merry Christmas to you, my new friend!

Unknown said...

Oh goodness, could you be any more stunning? what a great necklace! That dress is wonderful.

Perhaps we could interview each other on one another's blogs? That might be fun!

fashion doctor said...

beautyful!merry christmas to you!

Carmen said...

You look gorgeous but it must be very frozen with all that snow! hahaha Kisses and merry xmas


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So beautiful. Merry Christmas! x hivennn.

Annebeth said...

I'm glad I found you and got to feature you, you are absolutely beautiful and I adore your style! you look so perfectly put together :)

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit!! That necklace is so pretty. Congratulations on your feature!

Thanks for the sweet comment :)

Kirstin Marie

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