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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Dresses (And My Dream Boots!)

Hello everyone!
So yesterday I had an incredible amount of homework and didn't get around to posting my newest buys I've had as of late! Oh well, better late than never, right...?
  • Red Christmas Dress with Velvet Trimmings and Buttons ($4). I did a bit of thrifting over the weekend and found this absolutely gorgeous Christmas dress! Goodness, it reminds me so much of the Christmas dresses I wore as a small girl, and perhaps that's why I fancy it so much. I just love nostalgia :) Although I had already ordered a Christmas dress from Forever21 a few days before, I bought the dress anyways because it was too cute to pass up. I plan on wearing it to my Church Christmas party on Saturday, and also the last day of school before winter break! (and I'm sure other random times before then because I won't be able to help myself, ha).
  • Velvet Bubble Hem Forever21 Dress ($22). Eeepp! I love this dress,too! I'm actually wearing this velvet dress for Christmas pictures for our Christmas card, and also for Church on Christmas Eve. The velvet is so soft and really makes me feel Christmas-y! I'm planning on styling it very classic with white pearls, spectator shoes, textured tights, and a red bow in my hair. Yay!
  • Rugged Brown Tie Up Boots ($3). These boots are my latest obsession to wear (I've literally worn them every day since I bought them Saturday.) It seems like I've been searching for a pair like these forever! I like that the boots are kind of beat up and worn in: it gives them a rugged and old touch. I also like the brass loop holes at the top of the tongue that give the boots a sort of military feel.

Hope everyone is doing well! I've got a ton of outfits that I need to post... Lately I have been feeling inspired and been coming up with some outfits I really like. Jeez, taking outfit pictures has been a real pain in the behind though. It has snowed every day since the first (and when I say snow, I mean lots of snow), and hasn't gotten above freezing. Get me out of Ohio!!

With much love, Lauren.



Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Hey! Wow the velvet dress looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!! And those boots, ehh, they aren't my style, but I think I only think that because I haven't seen them worn yet. So if you wear them, please post a pic of you wearing them! And haha, your already sick of snow and it hasn't even snowed yet for me! :)
Your an awesome thrifter by the way, where do you go?!

Marg said...

I love the velvet dress!! It is beautiful!!!! Great post!!!

Elekon said...

I love both dresses they are all unique and great shoes as well!


Me said...

Great Post! I love both of the dresses! Theyll look amazing!

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