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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Worth It All.

Reversible Floral Dress: Target.
Pink Cardigan: Forever21.
Tights: Who Knows?
Black Bow Heels: Deb's.
Pink Bow Headband: Forever21.
Black Scarf: Target.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I was just having "one of those days." Sometimes I have days at school where it seems like the loneliness just consumes me. I almost can't stand being at school because I feel so isolated and alone. When I got in my car yesterday after school I just burst into tears because it had been such a terrible day. The whole ride home I just kind of sobbed and felt sorry for myself. I was still feeling pretty crappy when I woke up this morning, but then I got the most incredible email this from a reader of mine.

This reader said that she really commended me for all of the obstacles I have overcome in my daily life, and was inspired by my story. It really touched me so much to read such a sincere and truly heart warming letter. To think that I have given someone else out there who suffers from loneliness and isolation hope and inspiration is just incredible! This letter made me really stop and think about the day I had yesterday. Yes it was terrible, but you know what? I got through it and I'll get through a hundred more days just like it. My situation in high school is not going to last forever and someday I will find more people who are like me, and I will have friends. My reader gave me hope, and made me realize that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. That I can do this. That one letter made my whole blogging experience worth it all. I told myself when I first started blogging, "If I can inspire just one person out there, then that's all I want." That's certainly what I received and I couldn't be more ecstatic. :)

With much love, Lauren.


A said...

I'm glad you found a way to regain hope!
My time in high school was pretty much the same it is for you now. And yes, it does change. You do find other people out there who are like you and who become your friends!
The only thing you have to keep in mind is to continue to be this amazing person you are, have a huge smile on your face and keep yourself open to others!
You'll soon find yourself amongst lots of other great people who you will want to have around and who in return will want to have you around them! And who feel lucky that they do! :D

Brooke said...

Your beautiful inside and out! And your an amazing blogger! Don't forget that(: I'm glad that email from the blogger lifted your spirits! You deserve ten million of those emails!
Lllllooooovvveeeee the outfit, surprise surprise

The Semi Sweet said...

I am so sorry that you had such a crappy day at school. My school experiences were pretty similar too. I hope it all gets better soon. I wish I could give you better advice, but highschool is just like that I think. There were always good days and bad days.

Bramblewood Fashion said...

Aw, I love your outfit! It is so cute! :)


Maria said...

Oh, Lauren, it breaks my heart to read your stories sometimes. You remind me of me sometimes. Believe me, you won't always feel alone. There will come a time when you will find more people you can relate to. Sadly, we all experience tough times in our lives, but we get through it. DOn't ever feel like alone in the world. When you feel down just remember all the blessing life has give you. And you EVER need anyone to vent to, I'm here. I may be older now, but I still remember how tough the teen years can be.

I hope you have better days ahead, and if you don't, we're here you! Hugs . . .

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Those people who make you feel like that don't know what they are missing. Your beautiful, your amazing with clothes, your inspiring and amazingly smart. They're just jealous.
You inspire me as well :)
BTW..I LOVE THAT OUTFIT! Grr I want to snatch it off you! And you are sooooo tough for wearing that in the snow!

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