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Monday, December 13, 2010

Left, Right, Left.

Black Military Trench Coat: Target.
Olive Green Jeggings: Target.
Black Cloche: Target.
Black Pointy Flats: Thrifted.
Dangle Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

Well, today was my first snow day of the year: Hooray! The bad thing, however, is that now I only have two more precious snow days until we have to start making the days up at the end of June :( But, I'll worry about that when the time comes! My snow day today was extremely lovely. I still don't get tired of the excitement in the morning of finding out that school is closed. My sister and I dance around the house when we first find out! I was awfully lazy (in a wonderful way) today. I caught up on some blogging and inspiration, wrapped Christmas presents, ate warm tomato soup with cheese its, and had a delicious cup of hot chocolate with a peanut butter cookie on the side. We'll call that a day ;)

The outfit is what I was originally going to wear to school before it was cancelled, and it was very military inspired. I always think it's ironic how I love military inspired looks. I'm such a girly girl at heart and to like military clothing is such a contradiction. Interesting...

Hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well!

With much love,Lauren.


Mandy said...

I miss getting snow days! Although you'll occasionally get them at a company job, but they're few and far between....

Brooke said...

LOVE the military trench coat! I want to go RIGHT NOW and buy it!!!!!!!!

Ronda said...

oh I am always trying to get myself to wear hats cause I know they look good on me, but I ust never do. :(
hopefully i can get some tips from your adorable blog. <3


Carys said...

I love your hat, and trench coats always look so glamourous!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mila said...

This whole look is so classy! I love it. I neeed a trench coat and hat like that too!

You're so lucky you got a snow day! I'm looking forward to maybe having one soon:) It sounds like you made good use of your day--I need to get going on Christmas presents too. The hot chocolate and cookie look delicious!:)


Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

That sounds like a lovely, relaxing snow day! I miss that excitement, I still felt that way right up until graduating! haha
Your outfit is so chic, that trench is such a classic! xx

Mary said...

I adore this look, Lauren-- very Parisian! And that cloche is absolutely adorable :)

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