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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smile and Say Cheese!

Hello everyone!

So today it was pouring rain outside so no outfit pictures. Booo! I have been wanting to post my new school picture though, and today seemed like the perfect opportunity!

I think no matter how good the picture actually is, I will always find something wrong with my school picture. Whether it's my hair, my smile, or my eyes I never fail to find some tiny imperfection! But I mean, it's a school picture for Pete's sake! It's usually so tiny in the year book that no one can hardly even sees the picture let alone if there's anything wrong with it. Besides, I think the quote, "You're your worst critic" always applies to school pictures! :)

Hope everyone has been having a good week so far. Tomorrow's half way through the week already! My Halloween dress up day for school was moved from Friday to Thursday, so pictures should be up sooner than I thought! I really cannot wait.

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Oh, you silly anonymous commenter you. Did you think by putting a fake pen name that I still wouldn't know it was you? Think again. I've known who you are all along, and I'm sick and tired of you. Your comments aren't putting me down, they are just making me laugh because they show how jealous and insecure you are. Seriously grow up and get off my blog.


Me said...

your school picture is beautiful but i agree with you i always find an imperfection!

TO anonymous


e said...

how do you know who i am if you dont know me?! hahaha.
but i do like this picture..fyi.

Maria said...

You look great in your school picture!

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