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Friday, October 8, 2010

When Dreams Become Reality.

Hello everyone!

So I have absolutely dying to show you all these incredible pictures that I shoot with Blake and Erika last week. I was so excited and flattered to have Blake and Erika ask me to do another shoot with them, and agreed right away. Blake is the type of person who has his whole vision planned out perfectly from the props and setting, to the hair and makeup (which I love!). His mother is a hairstylist and did such an incredible job on my hair. I honestly never in a million years thought my hair could hold such beautiful, full curls! Erika is so insanely talented with makeup... I can hardly put mascara on myself and she just works such absolute wonders with makeup. My eyes were like masterpieces and I didn't even want to take the makeup off that night!

We shot the pictures in an ally in the downtown area and the setting was absolutely perfect. At first I was a bit apprehensive to be doing a shoot out in the open, but all was well. There were no awkward run ins with people and it was quite nice to have the ally to ourselves.

After shooting, the three of us headed out to Barnes and Noble to grab some coffee (mmm pumpkin spice latte!) and also chat. They both just make me so happy. My whole life I've felt like I would never find people who were like myself and understood me. I had pretty much given up on ever finding friends. It's so ironic though that my whole life these people who are perfect for me have been right next to me without me even knowing. Life is seriously crazy.

Yesterday I shot with Blake and Erika again and it was equally amazing. Within the next week I should have those pictures up, and I'll definitely make sure to show you all! Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry that I've still been somewhat absent this past week. It was the last week of the grading period and the homework I had was horrid! So glad it's the weekend :)

With much love, Lauren.


Mila said...

Oh my goodness, these are so gorgeous! I love the vintage feel of it. You were a perfect model to a perfect photographer and stylist. Love it!!! I can't wait to see the next shoot:)


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

gorgeous photos and you look stunning too!! :D


Mandy said...

Very gorgeous pictures, Lauren.

Sarah said...

These pictures are so beautiful. I love them. this dress is so amazing and looks just great on you.


The Semi Sweet said...

You look incredible in these photos! What a fun afternoon you had. I think my favorite photo is the one of you sitting on the suitcase. It's so pretty.

L. said...

Oh my goodness.. and you're not a model why? You are so beautiful and so sweet, don't ever let other people get you down because even though we've never met, you've got a friend in this fellow blogger. Keep up the good work hun!


Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, especially the ones where 1. Sitting on the suitcase and 2. the headshots :)Your hair is awesome and the clothes/make-up is perfect for this shoot!
Don't you love it when you meet others who share your passion :)

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