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Monday, October 11, 2010

Inspiration Around Every Corner.

Pink Dress (actually a skirt): Thrifted.
Black Belt: Kohl's.
Black 3/4 Sleeve Blazer: Thrifted.
Leopard Scarf: Target.
Black Wedges: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

So I've been rather behind on outfit posts and this outfit was actually what I wore last Thursday to school! Thankfully I'm all caught up now and can start posting my outfits the same day I actually wear them...

So while on my hiatus, I started up a list things that have been inspiring me for fall lately. Just today I finished and wanted to share it with you all!

  1. Layering pieces.
  2. Fall colors (browns, blacks,reds,oranges...).
  3. Socks with heels.
  4. Feminine contrasting with masculine.
  5. Military inspired looks.
  6. High buns.
  7. Blazers.
  8. 1960's inspired shapes.
  9. Berets and other hats.
  10. Ruffle front blouses.
  11. Pea Coats.
  12. Cream and nude colors.
  13. Romantic, soft hair.
  14. Smokey brown eyes.
  15. Olive green pants.
  16. Oxfords.
  17. Peter pan collars.
  18. Riding boots.

Whew, what a list! Some of this inspiration I have gotten from various magazines, and some of this inspiration has come from my fellow bloggers! Just looking at my list makes me so excited about fall clothes (is that strange that I'm excited about a list? Hello OCD!) Lately, when putting together outfits I've been keeping in mind some of these inspirational aspects,and it's really gotten me back on a good track!

Tomorrow I've got a funny themed outfit to show you all! Since my school's homecoming is this Saturday, the whole week before is called "spirit week" where each day is a themed dress up day. Today was "lazy day" which is one of the most absurd things I ever heard of. People came to school dressed like they normally do! How in the world is that "spirit"? I quite like tomorrow's theme, however, so I'll be sure to show you all!

Hope everyone is going well.

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. To you silly anonymous commenters out there: If you insist to try and continue to insult me, please make sure you either 1. Check over your comment before posting or
2. Go to dictionary.com along with buying a book on grammer.
Your insult would be much more powerful if you could actually spell and write a proper sentence :)


Maria said...

I love everything about this outfit. Black and pink is one of my favorite color combinations, and the leopard scarf is amazing with it.

L. said...

Oh my gosh, looking at your list... we're pretty much the same person. I love you.


Love, Trixie said...

Love the purple dress and leopard combo! Gorgeous! :) Totally agree with the entire list, haha, especially the '60's and riding boots (but you already knew that one!).

hearts and hugs!

Me said...

I love the outfit! Bee-yoo-ti-ful!! People are posting mean comments(and not even spelling it right) HOW RUDE!!!!


P.S.- You have an amazing smile :)!!

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