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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say a quick Happy Halloween to everyone! Hope everyone had a great Halloween filled day. Matt and I had a little scary movie night. We rented IT the killer clown, and it was so scary! Good thing he was there to cuddle with when I got scared. Eeep! I'll probably have nightmares tonight... ;)

Tell me all about what you gals did for Halloween!

With much love, Lauren.



Jenna said...

Never seen that movie but it sounds scary!!!
Happy November 1st!!! lol!!
Congrats on your 300th post!!!

Jenna said...

BTW I love your Halloween costume!!! That's a really great idea!!

Megan Pauline said...

Have you ever considered starting a YouTube channel? I'm totally addicted to YouTube, but most gurus focus more on hair and makeup and less on fashion and styling, which is what I really care about! Think about it?

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