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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shimmer and Shine.

Black Jumpsuit with Sequins: Gift; Free.
Black Heels: Thrifted.
Sparkling Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.
Black and Silver Belt: Forever21.

Hello everyone!

So a few weeks ago my great aunt gave me a call and wanted me to style up an outfit for her that she hadn't worn in thirty years. I'm always looking for an excuse to style someone up, so of course I accepted! Well, I went over to her house and she led me to her closet,but not to have me help her style up an outfit. Instead, she had me try on this gorgeous sequin jumpsuit. I literally gasped when I saw this jumpsuit because I have been looking for one forever at the local thrift stores, but all of them have horrid shoulder pads, are too big in the crotch area, or are usually a mile too long.

When I tried on this jumpsuit it was like fate. It couldn't have had a better fit! My great aunt bought it in 1970 for a fancy party she was going to. She went to this couture boutique in Columbus searching for the perfect thing to wear, and when the sales lady pulled out this she knew it was the one even though it was $200 dollars! For thirty years my aunt hasn't been able to wear it and hasn't wanted to part with the jumpsuit. Recently, she was going to just give it away to a thrift store but then she thought about me and how I love vintage clothes. I was in utter shock of her kind and thoughtfulness... I seriously cried!

I mean it was just so kind of her to give this gorgeous jumpsuit to me. I can't thank her enough!

Hope everyone is doing well.
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. 9 more posts and I'll have three hundred posts!!
P.S.S. My 1 year blogversary is coming up very soon! Ep! :)


Jenna said...

That's so cool!!! Ahhh aunts and their secret closets lol

Anonymous said...

wow. no.

Me said...

I cant believe it! 300 posts1 I've barely made it to 30.


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