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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 80's Are The Reason We Have No Ozone...

Red and Grey 1980's Dress: Thrifted ($2).
Black Heels: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

So you are most likely wondering why I have a ridiculous amount of eye makeup on and product in my hair. Well, no I haven't gone completely insane, but it was just 1980's spirit day at school today! :)

When last week student council announced that Tuesday would be an 80's themed day, I actually got quite excited. Even though I think 80's fashion is absolutely horrid, it's still a chance to dress up in authentic vintage fashion! I went out thrifting on Saturday and was looking through the dresses to see if I could find an ugly 80's dress (which isn't that hard, trust me). I decided to give this little dress a go and was actually happy with the way it looked. It has the classic huge 1980's shoulder pads I was looking for!

In past few 1980's dress up days, my fellow classmates have proven to me that they really do not understand proper 1980's fashion. My classmates' perception of a "1980's look" is to wear tight, spandex neon tights with a ripped sweatshirt and a sweat band around their forehead. Sigh. There is truly no originality at my school, and frankly, that is not how people dressed in the 80's. If you look at old year books or pictures of people in the 80's, no one dressed like that! The only people who dressed like that were Madonna and Jane Fonda....

So instead of doing the stereotypical "1980's" look, I wanted to do a very authentic look of the 80's. Yes, very ugly, but authentic! :) I blow dried my hair upside down this morning after putting about a 1/4 of a cup of styling gel in it (I'm really not exagerating....) Then, just in case my hair wasn't crunchy and frizzy enough, I added enough hairspray to deplete yet another layer of the earth's ozone layer! :) Oh, and Matt was quick to add that I looked like a raccoon when he saw me today at school, haha. But hey, it added to the dramatic and authentic effect of my outfit. I think I can deal with looking like a raccoon for one day!

All together I was very happy with my outfit! I always think dressing up for different themes is so much fun. I can never get enough of being a different person everyday. It really doesn't get old. :)

Hope everyone is doing great! On Thursday I have yet another wonderful themed outfit planned out. So excited!

With much love, Lauren.


L. said...

Lol although I agree that the 80s were horrid in terms of fashion, I actually think that you still make it look really cute! I bet you blew all of those haters out of the water!! Thanks for following hun, I really appreciate it! :)


Blake Jacobsen said...

The funny thing is, I think you look absolutely great. The dark eye make up is very edgy, and I love it.

Unknown said...

Very Dynasty ;)
True, many don't really know about the 80's.
I was there, and shoulder-pads and big hair, plus way too much blush was the "high-end" 80's.
There was another look, the "young 80's" (me) which consisted of huge, oversized tops, leggings, wrestling shoes w/big white socks and giant plastic earrings, but the kind that were posts, not "danglers". And, your pony-tail was always on the side, stiff as a board ;) No-one I knew did the "flash-dance" look.
We did wear high-waisted jeans, but rolled them into "skinny-size" (as they were wider legged) then tucked the "roll' into itself.
Pretty strange, huh ?

Unknown said...

Oh, and 80's music sucked !!!!!!
Disco was still trying and techno was still very new and disturbing, think Devo :)
The flower-pot head group :)

alabee said...

SO TRUE! none of the girls at my school understand that concept. you look great though :)

Jenna said...

It's dress-up-with-themes week at my school too!! Today was Western Wednesday and tomorrow is Fifties Thirfty Thursday (dont ask lol).
The eye-makeup adds such a nice touch!!!

Emmett Katherine said...

I was laughing so much at your description of the authentic 80s look. I remember being little and my mom doing pretty much exactly what you described to her hair every morning. hahahaha. Only difference was she had bangs that she curled and teased into a giant rats nest on top of her head.

you did good on your 80s outfit. my mother has a similar neon blue dress hanging in her closet from the 80s so I'd say your look is pretty authentic!

pennnnn said...

hey lo, did you see my eighties outfit? straight from my aunt's jr high closet. hahahha

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