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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Real Life Style Icons.

Hello everyone!

So glad that you all enjoyed the photos! Isn't Blake just a truly phenomenal photographer?! I know that he has a very bright future ahead of him!

Anyways, I've always thought it was important for a person to have style icons or people they look up to. There are two types of style icons every person should have: celebrity/fantasy characters and real life style icons. I would have to say that Blake and Erika are my real life style icons.

Blake and Erika are best friends that go to my high school and are in the grade above me, seniors. When I was just an eighth grade girl I remember looking out my bus window everyday for Erika to walk by because I wanted to see what she was wearing. For me, Erika embodied the person that I always wanted to be. Once I got to high school, I would always see Erika, but was too nervous to talk to her. I also would see Blake with Erika, as well, and was in awe at how well he dressed.

I joined Chictopia sometime last year and was so surprised to see that Erika was a part of the site, too. All of her photos were absolutely beautiful, and her outfits impeccable. Almost all of her photos made it into the Style Gallery,and she had hundreds of fans. Through Erika I found Blake on Lookbook and was blown away by his photography skills. He,too was a prominent figure fashion figure, and had also been featured on Forever21's blog, The Skinny, along with being having a personal style blog.

Imagine how excited I was when Erika emailed me and asked me if I wanted to model for a few photos for Blake for his portfolio. I was SO nervous for the photo shoot because Blake and Erika had always been the real life people I have looked up to, and I felt inferior and so amature compared to them. As soon as they picked me up though last Tuesday for the shoot it was like I had known the two of them forever. Talking to them was so easy and I felt a instant connection that I had never felt in my life with other people. My own life experiences and feelings were strikingly similar to Erika's and I was just so blown away.

For the shoot Erika did my makeup, and also picked out my outfit using some clothes I brought. The three of us then went to Blake's grandmother's house to do the shoot in her woods. The setting was set up beautifully where Blake had hung records in the trees. It was so inspiring!

After we were done shooting, the three of us went out to eat some Italian, and oh it was so delicious! It was just so nice to talk to them about the feelings of being an outcast that I've had the past few years, and have someone actually understand what I had gone/ am going through. When Blake and Erika dropped me off at home, I just had this amazing feeling of...hope. Hope because I knew that I had finally found people that I could be myself around. It was such an incredible feeling.

If any of you want, here is Blake's Facebook page that shows all of his other photographs. It's really fantastic and you should check it out!
Also, here's Blake's personal blog address:http://blakejacobsen.blogspot.com/

And of course, if you would like to look at the lovely Erika's personal outfit photos, here is her Chictopia account link: http://www.chictopia.com/iamappleorchard

Hope everyone is doing well! See you all tomorrow :)


Maria said...

wow, his photography is realy amazing. I checked out his facebook and it's just so beautiful. I can't believe he's so young and so talented.

Blake Jacobsen said...

You are far too kind Lauren, really! I don't even know how to reply. Thank you! I truly had a wonderful time and cannot wait to do it again. :)

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