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Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh How Embarrassing...

Hello everyone!

Sorry for no outfit post today. I had to work at the pool from 11-4, but thankfully it was my last time because we closed for the summer today! :) I have some fantastic outfits laid out for the week that I'm VERY excited to wear ,and of course take pictures in with the new camera! Sometimes I feel as though the only reason I can get through school is because I get to put together a new outfit everyday...haha.
Well, anyways it's about time I got around to telling you all about the embarrassing thing that happened to me at school last week! I don't think I've ever felt like my face was literally on fire like it did that day. Like, no joke it felt like my skin was on fire! Try not to laugh at my stupidity please...

I was in Physics class on Tuesday, only the second day of school, and we were discussing different types of measurements. My teacher asked this boy to just give any number, and the boy said twelve. Now, let me pause my story for a moment and give a little back round info on myself. I totally freak out any time any teacher calls on me in class because I hate talking in front of people. Usually when a teacher calls on me in class I blank out, utter nothing at all or complete nonsense.

Anyways, the teacher then asked the boy to put a unit on the end of the number and the boy didn't understand him correctly. My teacher then turned to me and asked, "Lauren, could you put a unit on the end of that number?" He totally caught me by surprise and like usual, I drew a blank and freaked out, not wanting to look like a total idiot so early in the school year. Frantically the only thing I could think of was that my teacher wanted a more specific number than twelve, so I blurted out, "uhhh, 12.6?"

Cue every single person in the class (which, by the way are all seniors. I'm the only junior) bursting out at once, "Oh my gosh! He means like grams! Or pounds! Or centimeters!" Follow this complete volcanic outburst by disgusted head shakes and pity looks at me for being so stupid. I swear, I have never wanted to just bury myself alive to get away from a situation more than that one right there. Ohhh I was so embarrassed!

Have you ever had a completely mortifying and embarrassing moment of stupidity like I did? Ugh, aren't they just the worst...?

It's back to school tomorrow for me! Hope everyone had a great (and not so embarrassing) weekend!
Lauren. :)


HDM said...

Wow, that sucks. Hopefully they'll forget about it...? :)

Mary said...

Oh, Lauren-- I bet you I couldn't even count on two hands how many absolutely humiliating things I've done in my life. I completely know what the face-on-fire thing feels like ;) But the best thing to do is laugh at yourself and move along-- when you do, magically, everyone else does too! You are certainly not the first and certainly not the last person to do something silly :) Plus, I guarantee you that every single kid in that class has done something probably even more embarrassing than that :)

Maria said...

Oh, no I'm so sorry to hear that! Sadly embarrassing moments are a part of life. It's tough to speak in public, especially when it catches you off guard.

I've had my share of moments too--when I was a sophomore in college I had a big presentation to make on the European Union. No big deal, because I always make outlines and go through it several times in my head so I know how to transition, etc. plus, I hava a slight accent on some words, so I like to practice. Anyhoo, so the night before I stayed up on the phone with my husband, then bf, and didn't practice. I thought I'd just wing it. So the next day the first thing to come out of my mouth as, "The Uropan Union . . .umm, umm, uh, I mean the European Union . . ." It was humiliating and it ruined the rest of my presentation because I was so nervous after that.

So yeah, those things happen. I agree with Mary, the best thing to do is laugh it off and move on, otherwise it'll just make it worse. Plus, you were probably dressed so cute that no one could hold it against you. =)

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

aw it's ok! it's part of life :) those moments sometimes can make our high school life memorable. haha!!


Jaymie said...

Aw bless you, I hate being called on like that to I hate public speaking and being put on the spot!
i've done plenty silly things and so have most people so just think of it as a rights of passage haha.
Jaymie x

Me said...

Ugh I hate when that happens I hate speaking in front of people! Since I used to have a speech problems I have kinda an accent i guess well i guess i dont pro-noun-ci-ate. So today I knew it waas coming and so I was just reading it in my head then i was called on oh of course so i was reading and my speech was all slured and i messed up a bunch of times ugh!! I hate oral anything I dont mind if i have to just give a number or a quick answer but a whole paragraph forget a bout it!

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