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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Everyday I Can Be A New Person.

Printed 1970's Inspired Dress: Thrifted.
Brown Tank Top: Aeropostale.
Brown Wedges: Target.
Gold Bangles: Forever21.
Light Pink Headband: Was a belt to a dress from Forever21.

Hello everyone!

Ah, the hippie headband. Such a bold, "look at me" statement. I think it's fun to wear totally out there and strange looks to school sometimes just to see/ hear people's reactions. Also, it makes the day more fun and exciting to take such a daring fashion risk! People actually really were digging the whole hippie look. Peace love and happiness yall ;)

Once again, too much homework tonight to have time to write anything really! Goodness I hate being this busy :( Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday though. I am SO ready from some weekend relaxing time!

See you all tomorrow!



G said...

The hippie head band looks great on you. Very pretty :) I love the colors on your dress too. Your blog is super cute!

-Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

JGO said...

You can wear any type of era clothing and make it look good. You are very beautiful...

HDM said...

Wow, what a great thrift!

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