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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Five Inch Heels: A Whole New Level!

Ruffle Floral Blouse (Actually a romper): Forever21.
Black Pencil Skirt: Macy's.
Black and Silver Belt: Forever21.
Cream Flower Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.
Gray 5 Inch Heels(LOVE!): Forever21.

Hello everyone!

This is actually the outfit I wore to school on Friday, but didn't get around to posting yesterday because Matt and I went to a home football game. Hoot Hoot! Living the true high school experience :) Sometimes there are "themes" for the spectator students, and the theme for yesterday's game was called a black out where everyone wears as much black as they can! I failed to get pictures because my camera was out of battery power, but I really liked my outfit and will have to get picture in it sometime! I wore my tie neck black blouse, black high waisted shorts, a black beret, and spectator shoes to finish the look off! I was freezing cold, but at least I looked cute ;)

At my school, no one actually watches the football game which is hilarious to think about. Football games are actually just huge social events for everyone to gossip about one another and for the girls to wear slutty spirit wear. The night was absolutely fantastic up until the very end. There was supposed to be a fight between these two kids and a whole group of people were gathered around to watch. Matt really wanted to watch it. (Oh you know how guys are! )Anyways, the two kids kept moving all over the place to find a good spot to fight, and they finally decided upon this place out in the woods. Most of the kids had broken up by now since the game was over and it was getting dark, but Matt followed what was left of the crowd into the woods. I kept telling him that I wanted to get home and that I wasn't going into woods, but he went anyways. I went back to the car to wait for him and ended up waitign alone for 25 minutes.... I kept wondering where he was at and was so, SO worried. He came running up to the car though after 25 minutes and was like, "you'll never guess what happened!!"

Matt told me that the two kids had fought and it hadn't lasted long. Then, just as everyone started walking back they saw cop lights. All of the kids started running away into the field, but Matt was the only one who stood still. A cop came up to him, and told him to get down on the ground because the person who called the police said there was a gang fight. Matt got down, but the cop thought Matt had a gun so he threw him onto the ground! Matt's knee got busted up and was bleeding, and he was also all scratched up because the cop made him walk through the thorns back to the school. I was so upset last night! I was very angry at Matt at first because he should have listened to me and he never would have been put in the situation. Also I was scared that something serious could have happened.

Luckily, Matt wasn't hurt too bad and things weren't worse. Matt said the cop had even had his gun out! Oh my goodness... What if he would have shot Matt?! It's so scary to think about!

Whew, I hope everyone is doing well and is hopefully safe and staying out of trouble! I've got to say that I've had enough excitement for one weekend and I'm ready to just relax! :)


P.S. I got a new camera today! Yayayay! I've been so unhappy with my outfit pictures lately. They seem blurry and I can't seem to get any good ones. Hopefully this new camera will take better ones since it is a big more expensive (and not broken, of course!).


Sofi Moukidou said...

love love love your skirt and shoes!
i'm really happy for your new camera! i'm also going to get a new one!
p.s. about my post with jewelry, i was sure that you would like most the 8o necklace, it's my favorite and i thing that would fit perfect on you!hahaha! althought i really like that you had a differend opinion, it's like a game!
anyway i've said to much! hahaha! kisses!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

very cute outfit... but it makes you look old i think. nevertheless, i like it:)


Cacal said...

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