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Monday, February 22, 2010

Always Trust Your Gut Feeling.

Polka Dot 1960's Dress: Vintage Store.
White T-shirt: Kohl's.
Red Heels: Kohl's.
Red Wide Brimmed Hat: Thrifted.
This dress is the last actual vintage dress that I have left to take pictures of for my blog, but it is without a doubt one of my favorite vintage dresses! Everything about the dress just screams "fun"...the peter pan collar, the polka dots,the little bow on the bottom.... In the summer this dress is perfect to wear;and I have to admit it looks much better without a t-shirt under it! However, sometimes we all have to put a little something extra over or under our favourite summer pieces to transition them into winter!

Tomorrow my dress from Forever21 is coming in..I'm estatic! Getting packages in the mail always gives me something to look forward to during the long and terrible school week...I was thinking the other day, and kind of kicked myself in the butt at a realization I had. Lately, I've been really wanting a floppy brimmed straw hat to wear in the summer time. They're so adorable, and I believe they are an imporatant staple to have in the summer; for fashion and skin protection! While browsing around on Forever21.com I came across the perfect one, but I had already put my order in for my dress! Arghh.. I guess I should look around more carefully before I place my orders, this is a great lesson learned! Also, I kicked my self in the butt again because I thought about never gettting a straw hat that was at my favorite thrift store quite awhile ago. At the time I wasn't particularly interested in straw hats, and thought I was just wanting something I didn't need to waste my money on. Guess I was wrong... A second lesson was learned here; always trust your gut feeling, it's usually right!


Mila said...

I love your dress! I agree, the long school week is terrible. Haha," I kicked myself in the butt"..."I kicked myself in the butt again":)


Sybil said...

gorgeous hat!!

i love receiving new stuff in the mail too! can be quite addicting noh? :)

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