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Thursday, June 30, 2016


My wardrobe here in New York hasn't felt very 'me.' I've always been the worst at packing clothes for trips or moves. I try to plan it all out rationally and, admittingly, somewhat obsess over it...only to feel like I didn't bring anything right when it's all said and done.

The clothes I packed for my move to NYC are a lot of versions of me that I've tried out over the last few years. Trendy Lauren, Boho Lauren, Minimalist Lauren, Edgy Lauren...none of it is really cohesive and none of it makes me feel like myself. What you wear can have a big impact on your life. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel better. When you feel your best, you perform your best. It's like when I was a competitive swimmer. I wouldn't wear my practice suits with holes and faded patterns to the biggest meet of the season: I would wear a tight, sleek, new suit to help me physically and mentally beat the competition.

I haven't had that 'pep' in my step when I get dressed in the morning for work and, it was taking a toll on my confidence. I know clothes probably shouldn't sway my self-worth so easily, but for someone who's always had trouble showing who she was on the inside, it's detrimental I show it on the outside.

After work last Friday I tried to cure my blues with a little looking around at the usual NYC budget shops like H&M and Forever21. Even with the big mid-summer sales as stores gear up for back-to-school, nothing caught my eye. It was still all too over priced, too generic, too uninspiring. I took the train back to Brooklyn exasperated and disappointed, but only to remember previously spotting a Goodwill a few stops from where I usually get off.

I decided to give it a go even though I've shyed away from the thrift stores here in NYC because I didn't want disappointment. I knew it would never be like home, most likely being over priced and picked over. At this point I didn't have anything to lose, and I was so, so pleasantly surprised. I found some amazing stuff at this thrift store and yes, it was more than I pay back home, but it was still a lot less than I would pay in any store. When I started sifting through those racks and piling things into my cart, I felt a rush of excitement and familiarity. I felt like me again. I love to thrift. I love to search for my clothes and find special unique items that define who I am. I will always love vintage. No matter all the hats I try on (metaphorically and literally) I will always come back to my vintage roots. This dress makes me feel amazing and confident and like the best version of myself. Every piece of clothing you put on in the morning should make you feel like that. Build a wardrobe of pieces you love. x

With much love,


Outfit Details:
Dress (similar with boat neck line & subtle pattern for $40) Thrifted.
J Crew Flats (similar at J. Crew now): Thrifted.


Madison said...

I couldn't agree and resonate more with you Lauren! Vintage always makes me feel the most "me" and when I put it on it gives me the confidence to overcome my fears and conquer my dreams. This blue dress is absolutely darling and I love the tie back.

Lee said...

Yes, yes, yes is all I have to say to this post! Whenever I'm in a style rut I try out fast-fashion just to have a look but never find anything until I hit a goodwill. Vintage and thrifted clothing will always be my favorite and will always make me feel like myself. Love that blue dress!!

Lee - leethrifts.com

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

Gorgeous dress - & I totally agree about dressing in the way that makes you most comfortable. I occasionally try styles that I know aren't me, just to see if I change my mind about them, but I always come back to the styles I like best. Good for you for embracing it!

Elizabeth said...

I totally agree that the right outfit can make or break the way you feel. I'm so happy you found something that works for you! That dress is absolutely darling and really beautiful on you.


SB said...

I know this comment is a little delayed, but I actually needed to read this post today. I've been struggling so much with my confidence and I've finally worked out that part of it is due to not having clothes that fit me right and are 'me'. It has taken a lot of searching online but I think I've finally narrowed down my style for the moment as of course style is fluid and constantly changing now all I have to do is try to find the styles that I like which are of course not in style at the moment. Best of luck to you in creating styles that are inherently you and that make you feel like a boss!

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