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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Outfit to Visit The Met.

outfit to visit the met

Hey everyone!

One of the biggest perks of living in NYC now is having endless opportunities for exploration at my finger tips. I always felt like I was so limited when I lived here last summer because I had numbered days. I almost felt like I could never enjoy what I was doing because I was always rushing to see the next thing, trying not to waste a minute of my time in the city. Since living here permanently, it's such a nice feeling to come and go do things as I wished. Before I would have felt I had to spend ALL day at The Met because who knows if I would make it back. When I visited The Met the other day it was just a nice, relaxing few hours where I could really take the time to enjoy myself because I knew if I didn't see what I wanted, I can always come back.

Although this was my first time at The Met, I went specifically to see the Manus x Machina exhibit. Wow, wow, wow guys it was phenomenal. Not just the clothes, but the story behind the exhibit, as well. Manus means by hand and machina means by machine. In fashion, both are important. Haute Couture has always been highly valued because of its extreme hand work; however, more and more ateliers are looking to machines to take fashion to the next level that human hands cannot reach. One method is not greater over the other. The hand and machine are both vital to fashion's evolution and innovation of ideas. We may be living in the 'digital' age, but there is still nothing quite as breathtaking as hand embroidery or lacework. And although hand work is seen as superior, laser cutting, 3D printing, and so many other methods of design are unable to be ever done without machine.

If you're visiting NYC I highly recommend going to visit the museum. Although the Met suggests a donation of $25, not many people realize you actually can donate for your ticket as you feel comfortable with. Whether it be $100, $25, or $2, invest in the arts and the preservation of human creation!

With much love,


Dress (very similar): TJ Maxx
Scarf (similar): Thrifted
Flats (similar): Thrifted
Beret(similar): Target


Anonymous said...

AND in a lace-trimmed top, scarf, and beret - dear Lauren, I must say you spent my birthday far better than I did!

Love, Jeannee

Jenna Leigh said...

Neat event! Looked beautiful.


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