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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Floral Mural in Brooklyn.

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floral mural in brooklyn

Hello everyone!

The first week at my new job is ✔️. It was a great first week and I've loved what I've been doing so far. I have a lot of creative freedom to put posts together, but there is an aspect of the job that's quite like piecing together a puzzle.  I have to work with all the departments in order to make sure the post is accurate, representational, and  legal. It makes the job very multi-dimensional because I get to see so many sides of the clothing production business. Often times I feel like I'm seeing the four years of my education come to life all in one building. It's fascinating and exciting to see all I learned come together. If you'd like to follow along with what I'm doing, you can like our Facebook page. I'm also in the midst of working on launching a blog and newsletter for the company, so I'll keep you all updated on that!

Another thing that's been pretty exciting is that I was in The Cleveland Plain Dealer today: Ohio's largest newspaper! Back when I was still living in Ohio, I went to Cleveland to do a fun shoot and interview with the fashion editor. I styled up five outfits, one from each decade, and it was my first time being shot in a studio. I haven't seen the printed version of my feature yet, but it was amazing to see it all come together for the online one.

With all the excitement and change that's been going on lately, it was nice to have just a relaxing day at the apartment today. I did laundry for the first time since being here, which I'd been putting off since I'd never used a laundromat! I had nothing to worry about and it's really not any different than doing laundry at college (can't say at home because my mom still does it there; lol). Only difference? My purse is now weighed down with $20 in quarters!

Love you all! Thanks for always reading and visiting. x

With much love,


Outfit Details:
Blouse (very similar): Forever21.
Suede Skirt (very similar from ASOS): Thrifted.
Flats (mine are sold out, but I have my eye on these next!) : c/o Loly in the Sky.
Hat: c/o OASAP.
Belt (similar): Thrifted.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Lauren, for sharing two pockets of your life: the interview in the Plain Dealer (!) and the Facebook page for your new career!!!

With love,

Unknown said...

Congrats on the new job, Lauren! So glad to hear you're enjoying it.
As usual, love your outfit :)
Also, wheeeere in Brooklyn is this mural?

Sampada | Sampz and Such

Elizabeth said...

I'm beyond excited for you! That's great you're enjoying your new job and seeing all your hard work come together :) And that's so cool you've been featured in the news paper!

And I love your outfit. I've been looking forever for the perfect skirt, one just like that. Super cute! The backdrop is also really pretty, I love finding places like that.


Katie Selt said...

You look so good! And, I'm so happy to hear about your job hunt was a success in the Big Apple!

Katie | Katie Like Me

Lorna said...

I'd love to shoot over a wall like this, and this boho outfit is perfect !

Love from Paris,


Amanda S said...

Congrats on the new job!

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