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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Polka Dots in Prospect Park.

Hello there!

I've been trying to come up with a place to take outfit photos since I arrived in NYC two weeks ago. There's been a few failed attempts, but these are the first to come out somewhat decent. My blogging routine has just been sort of thrown for a loop because I had to get a new computer, tripod, and editing system in the past week. Nothing is how I am used to routinely shooting my blog photos, so it's taking me awhile to adjust. To be honest, it hasn't been as fun as usual to take my blog photos. It's exhausting trying to get to a location where I can safely take photos, and I haven't been satisfied with my outfits lately. They just don't feel like "me." My wardrobe is a mix mash of pieces, and I'm somewhere stuck in the middle of being an Ohio girl and an NYC girl. Trying to figure things out. Sometimes you just have to continue pushing through!

But, enough of the pity party I'm throwing for myself. New York City has been great and I've loved waking up to my new home every day. The craziest stuff just happens here. I was asked today while sitting in Union Square to give an interview for a casting director. They're casting real people for a fashion commercial (can't say the retailer's name, but it's one I shop at!), and they spotted me. The casters  did a video interview of me and it was just a pretty cool experience! Pretty sure I blushed the whole time. Highly doubt I'll be cast, but it's just fun experiences like this that make living in NYC always an adventure. x

With much love,


Outfit Details:
Top (similar solid color option): Aeropostale.
Dress (super similar + on sale!): Thrifted.
Purse(buy here): Forever21.



Anonymous said...

All of this sounds like you've awakened and are actually getting to live in the dream you had!!! When you experience transitions in your life - big ones - like when you returned to the USA from a semester abroad - you have experienced feeling like your clothes are a mish-mash and not quite where you are NOW ... so actually I take this as another great landmark in Lauren's life!

With love,

Jenna Leigh said...

Your hair looks beautfiul short! :) Have a lovely day


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