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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Off the Shoulder.

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Hello everyone!

I started my job yesterday! It felt great to finally have something solidifying my life here. To be honest, the past three weeks have just felt like a vacation of some sorts. New York IS great, but I've felt lacking in purpose and direction. You can only drink coffee in Bryant Park and window shop in soho so long before it all becomes rather empty. I've been going through a sort of identity crisis, as well, as I realize my pursuit of education is completely finished. I went to school for 16 years where I always had an end goal. Finish this paper. Take these exams. Complete this grade. Move to high school. Go through college. I worked really well with having a plan set out for me and being able to tangibly see my goals in front of me.

Post grad life is...confusing. I don't know exactly what to do with myself now that I don't have those distinctive milestones laid out for me. After you graduate college, planning your life is up to you to take in any direction you please. I went in the direction of New York City like a lot of post-grad hopefuls do. Although I have a job, I still feel a lack of purpose because it's an endless abyss laid out before me with no end date. Doesn't mean it's a bad way to live. Just a way I'm not used to. Now is the time to flourish, set my own personal goals, and challenge myself. I don't need a higher education system to do that for me any longer. It can be daunting and scary because without having direction you just wander aimlessly until you get it figured out. But, as J.R.R. Tolkien states perfectly:

"Not all those who wander are lost"

With much love,


Outfit Details
Off the shoulder black top: H&M
Denim skirt: Thrifted
Black Heels: Payless
Scarf: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Thrifted


Madison said...

I can only imagine how post grad life feels! I only have a year and a half left and the it will be about finding and deciding what I will do with my time and career......This ensemble is soo chic! It looks like you walked out of a parisian magazine:)

Jenna Leigh said...

Such a cute photo!! :) Love that location too,


Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Definitely agree with you on the post-grad confusion. Maybe there should have been a course on "How to settle into non-school life 101," or something. ;)
Loving your outfit in this post...the off the shoulder trend is so cute, and you pull it off flawlessly! :)

Anonymous said...

In all your wanderings, my dear friend, have you found a church to anchor yourself to???

With love,

Sara said...

I find myself in the same woods, with paths stretching in all different directions...
This new freedom is overwhelming, but I think with time we'll find where we are going or create our own destination. <3

Bonne chance, girl!


Sian Thomas said...

Hey Lauren, I'm just catching up on some of your posts - I've been away on holiday and super busy so only just reading this far back now! Wow on the move to NYC! And CONGRATS on the job!! It sounds like you're enjoying it :)
And I definitely get you on the identity crisis post-grad. After being so constrained by education for 18 years when I left uni, I was so confused about everything. I went into teaching with the thought that at least I would have end of term and end of year to look forward to, but then going into my current job, I was SO lost without that end date in sight. I've now been here nearly 3.5 years and am still getting used to the fact that there is no end date. Like you said, it's all about finding new goals in your life, such as holidays in future, things you want to celebrate, goals you want to achieve in your career. I've also taken up loads of hobbies outside work too that help me a lot with the goal thing such as sewing, yoga and reading a lot more :)

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