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Monday, June 6, 2016

Two Brooklyn Outfits

brooklyn outfit
Top(exact one from h&m), jeans (thrifted), sandals (boohoo), scarf (thrifted)

brooklyn outfit
dress (thrifted), scarf (thrifted), purse (exact one here from forever21), flats (thrifted)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new apartment in the Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy neighborhoods in Brooklyn. I live on the third floor of a railroad style apartment with two guy roommates. They have the space decorated so wonderfully, and this dining room wall was the perfect backdrop for a few outfit photos. I'm working on purchasing a tripod so I can resume taking my own photos again, but for now shooting a few on my iPhone does just fine.

Everyone's style here is so effortless. I'm incredibly envious. So, in order to try and look as effortless as all these Brooklynites, I've been putting in a lot of effort. I'm sure the naturalness of city style will come to me in time. I've found one key to city style dressing that works like a charm is wearing black. City dwellers are notoriously known for wearing black all day every day, and it's understandable now that I find myself in the position. With limited space for clothing, black is so versatile with everything. No worrying about if this color matches with that ect...It's also a huge time saver to throw on a few simple black pieces without much planning. Accessories elevate simple silhouettes to come across much more personal. I cannot hide my obsession with scarves as of late: they may replace hats as being my favorite accessory. I've never been a huge jewelry person, so they're a simple solution to a bare neckline. They also make me appear a lot cooler than I actually am. Faking it till I'm making it. x

With much love,



Unknown said...

Yay! So happy you're settled in your New York apartment. I think you look fantastic in both of these outfits!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Mary said...

You look totally rad. Not faking a thing b/c you're cool through and through! Hope BK is treating you so well (and still hope to meet up with you at some point b/c you're the sweetest, but school is crushing me right now haha).

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Anonymous said...

Very, very, VERY! proud of you - you're actually living your dream! Hey ... I bet you can even find one of your favorite Coca-Colas, in a glass bottle, where you are :)

With love,

Tal Hartsfeld said...

By "Brooklyn Outfits" do you mean outfits MADE in Brooklyn or outfits you happen to be wearing while IN Brooklyn yourself?

Marina Barham said...

I've been following your looks for so long and every time I am more and more inspired! Seriously, your style is impeccable! I'm moving to NYC in the fall for college and hopefully I can achieve that effortlessly trendy look as well as you!

Kara said...

That apartment is AMAZING looking!! So glad you landed safely! I know what you mean about "effortless" style, doesn't it seem so hard? Lol

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