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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Suede Situation.

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been interested in DIY pieces for my wardrobe lately. I blame it on having to make frequent trips to Hobby Lobby lately for grad cap supplies. Just seeing all the thousands of crafting options gets my heart palpitating! Like frayed hem jeans, I've been wanting to try the suede choker necklace trend. I really like how they bring attention to the neck and simply add extra dimension to an outfit. I knew it would be super easy to DIY a custom one for myself instead of purchasing one at a store. To be honest...I probably spent more on materials to make this necklace than it would cost to purchase one at a fast fashion retailer, but hey-- the project was fun! And super simple. All it took was measuring out a piece of suede to my desired length, wrapping it around my neck in the desired style (there's a million other ways you can, as well), and then adding some beads to the bottom. Total time took less than 10 minutes and I know I'll work this into plenty of other outfits this summer!

In other news just 9 days until I graduate! I've got everything prepared and ready to go. My graduation dress I bought from a vintage shop a few months ago, and I just picked up some strappy, nude sandals from Payless the other day. They're a little flimsy, so I hope I don't pull a Lizzie Mcguire. My family and grandparents are all coming up to Kent State to watch me graduate and then we'll be going out to eat. I'll be moving out of my apartment the next day which will be the hardest part. I get really emotional when things finally become "real," and it will be hard to pack up my life here and leave it behind. I don't know when or if I'll ever be back in Kent again. There's really no reason to ever come back in particular. My heart is filled with so many fond memories though that I'll never forget! 

Going to go to one of my favorite coffee shops & take outfit pictures downtown to soak in every last bit of this place.

With much love,


Outfit Details:
Checked Dress (similar top): H&M.
Suede Midi Skirt (similar & on sale!): Thrifted.
Black Sandals: c/o Boohoo.
Belt (similar from Forever21): Thrifted.
Mini Backpack (similar for $22): Thrifted.
Hat (similar): c/o oasap.
Suede Choker (VERY similar from Forever21 or also here): DIY. 


Izzy said...

I would totally buy your necklace haha if I saw it in a shop! looks amazing, such a great DIY! :)

Metallic Paws

Madison said...

Absolutely love this look with the checked top and sued skirt! Your DIY necklace tops off the whole ensemble perfectly. Best of wishes for graduation!!! I can't wait to follow along and see all of the exciting places you will go and the things you will do afterwards:)

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful skirt! And congrats on your graduation!

The Cassie Paige
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Anonymous said...

Huge congrats! I'm right behind you...I'll be graduating in 2 weeks.

Can't wait to see what God has in store for you!


Sharad Mohan said...

This is a great post, thanks for writing it.

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