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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Insta Outfits.

similar jeans, top, heels, necklace 

similar dress, hat, scarf 

similar top, skirt, heels

similar top, skirt, hat

similar dress, flats

similar top, skirt

Sometimes there's no time to lug a big camera around, set up a tripod, and run back and forth a million times just to get a shot of my outfit.  I can't lie: although I love the quality photos my Canon produces, sometimes snapping outfit photos on my iphone is just as nice! Often I'll have a family member or friend snap a quick shot of my outfit while out and about. Although I don't take blog photos every day, I still like to be creative with my outfits and continually come up with ensembles that don't always get fully documented. I post these photos on my instagram (@passingwhimsies), but they usually never make it to the blog. Insta outfits deserve recognition, too. x

With much love,



Thiscrund Gayle said...

I love the fashion look, these ones are lovely! x

Amanda said...

I LOVE that fancy black ballgown in the last picture!! What was that for? Its beautiful!! And where did you get it?

a.n.g. said...

So cute! I love the first two, and especially the other one with the striped turtle neck and skirt!

Lorna said...

So many pretty outfits over here :)


Carmel Elizabeth said...

Yess I love all of these! My favorite is probably that black dress though; or the jean skirt ensemble. So lovely, both of them! :)

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