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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Spring Transitions.

It's that time of year again: not too warm yet not too cold. It's a confusing time for dressing. Wearing shorts and a tank top feels chilly, but wearing a turtleneck with jeans feels stuffy. Solution? A little bit of both worlds! This sweater + shorts combo is sort of an odd pairing, but it worked for this in-between day. 

Wearing heels with shorts was also a bit risky for me. It's a combo I usually avoid because of an offhanded comment made back in high school calling me "a slut." Which is ridiculous, but it stuck with me all these years. Having bare legs with towering heels does leave me feeling somewhat uncomfortably exposed, but how is it any different than a mini skirt? If anything shorts offer a bit more coverage so you're not showing your bum with a brisk wind! I'm four years out of high school now and it's silly to let meaningless comments still dictate my style.

Like the above coffee shop sign says, finals week is here. Thankfully I'm not worried. Most of my school work was turned in weeks prior, and only one or two small finals are left. Having easy finals still detour me away from drinking coffee like I have hard ones. I'll welcome any excuse for coffee houses having special deals and staying open later! Bring on the coffee this week guys. x

With much love, Lauren

Outfit Details:
Turtleneck (similar): Thrifted.
Denim Shorts (very similar for $25): Thrifted.


Sophie said...

Your outfit game is so on point right now Lauren. Four for you Lauren you go Lauren! I wish it was still shorts weather here, I'm wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt as I write, wondering why I don't have socks on too. BRR haha. x

Madison said...

I am sooooo over the moon in love with this combo! It is the perfect combination of casual and laid back mixed with lady like class.....ahh!

Carmel Elizabeth said...

This is such a classy pairing! I honestly think that with a more conservative item on top (like your turtleneck) heels with shorts can look so chic, so who cares what someone thought in high school! Really love this. <3

Veronika Novotny said...

I think this pairing looks & works beautifully. I love the idea of heels with denim cut-offs and the sweater is a brilliant touch! Looking gorgeous, girly! xo

Girl & Closet

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Love love love this combination! Good luck this week! I finished my scary finals today, but I'll still be drinking coffee like the rest are hard all the rest of this week! :)

SB said...

Well that'...different, how does wearing heels and shorts make you a slut? Talk about ridiculous! It's a shame that the comments people make to us can stick with us when the person who said it probably doesn't even remember saying it.
Aside from that confusion on my part your outfit looks very comfortable I really like the jumper it looks so cozy.

Raquel Z. Duarte said...

That turtle-neck looks so cozy. And I love the heels too.

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