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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DIY Frayed Jeans.

DIY frayed jeans
DIY frayed jeans
DIY frayed jeans
DIY frayed jeans
DIY frayed jeans
DIY frayed jeans

Hello everyone!

Although I'm an avid thrifter I've never been a DIY kind of gal. I'm just not super creative when it comes to crafting, and I lack the patience and precision to get things just right. I've seen frayed hem jeans everywhere though and have really wanted to try the trend out for myself. I picked up a pair of light wash, slightly flared jeans at the thrift store so I could experiment with them. Fraying the hem of jeans is incredibly easy and thankfully for me, doesn't require much precision! All you do is cut off the desired amount on the bottom of the jeans so you have a raw edge to work with. From there, you take a seam ripper and just pull the threads loose to give them that frayed effect. I think DIYing your jeans is a really fun activity and a lot less stressful than DIYing other types of clothes. It's so easy to pick up a pair of denim at the thrift store to mess around with as you wish. If you mess up, there's still hundreds of pairs of denim for you experiment with. I really want to try distressing, embroidering, and ironing on patches to my jeans next. I'm kind of addicted! x

With much love, Lauren

Outfit Details:
Frayed Jeans (very similar for $25): Thrifted DIY.
Striped Boat Neck Shirt (very similar): Thrifted.
Red Neck Scarf (similar): Thrifted.
Patent Envelope Bag (similar): Thrifted.
Black Ankle Strap Sandals (similar): c/o Boohoo.


Lee said...

I'm also a huge thrifter but not much of a DIY-er! But this seems like a pretty easy DIY so I might try and find some good jeans to fray at goodwill this weekend :)

Lee - leethrifts.com

Raquel Z. Duarte said...

I love your sandals.

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