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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


One of the greatest roles I've had the pleasure of holding in life is that of big sister. Many of you know of my little sister, Gracie, who my family adopted from China 11 years ago. She was only 18 months old when we traveled to China to make her a part of our family and I was only 11: a little younger than Gracie is now.

In the beginning years as we all adjusted into having Gracie in our family it was especially hard for me. I had grown up as an only child and although I had begged my parents for a little sibling, it was different than I imagined. For quite a few years after we adopted Gracie her and I honestly didn't get along. It may have been the age difference of 10 years or the adjustment of not being the apple of my parent's eye any longer, but I remember a lot of fighting in those first years. Not to say that I didn't love my sister immensely and we had a lot of good times, but it was no easy road we traveled upon.

Fast forward quite a few years when I left for college to go to Kent State and something shifted. I'm not sure if our hearts grew fonder with absence, or her older age: but, we became attached dearly. This attachment only grew and grew with each of the passing years until now where my sister has become my best friend, confidant, and adventure partner.

I would not be who I am without her. It sounds strange that someone 10 years younger could impact my personality so much, but it's true. She has taught me so much in the most surprising ways. We couldn't be more opposite. She is energetic, charismatic, and calm in her disposition. I, on the other hand, show all my emotions at once, am introverted, and have trouble speaking to others. Her natural charm and infectious humor constantly has me in fits of uncontrollable laughter tinged with such admiration for this little spunk of a girl. Even at 12 she is so driven in her passions and pursuits. She's always making me proud.

Our adventures together are some of the best memories I cherish. Somehow we always get into no good to our parent's exasperation when we come giggling in the house, trying to retell our latest exploit. What I love even more though is perhaps the quieter moments I wish would never disappear. When she opens her eyes wide and brings her favorite blanket up to me, asking to cuddle. She curls up into my arms and it's a perfect fit. I'm so glad she's not yet too old or too cool to cuddle with her big sister. I hope she never is.

As I prepare to move to New York City in one week, I am grasping onto every last moment with her I can. Although I have so much to do, none of it matters if I can get in that extra moment to play a board game or ride the bikes around the neighborhood. These moments are priceless. I didn't plan on writing this post, but when I was looking through these photos that she took for me my heart couldn't have been more proud but also broken. Proud because I am so honored to be the big sister of this astounding little girl, but also so broken because I'm moving away. I know I'll be back. Ohio will always be home and Gracie will always be here. We're sisters and that cannot be undone just by distance. The hole in my heart that will be left missing her while I'm away won't be filled by anything or anyone else. It's a spot only she knows how to complete.

With much love,


Outfit Details:
'60s Sweater (similar): Thrifted.
Dress Turned Skirt: c/o Eshakti (old)
Black + White Ferragamo Heels (similar from the brand): Thrifted.
Chiffon Scarf (similar): Thrifted.


Madison said...

I to am the older sister (my sister is 16 and I am 20) and I have to agree that there is something about moving away to college that brings sister together. My sister and I are a lot like you and your sister being the shy older sister and having an energetic and outgoing younger sister but we mesh perfectly. Being an older sister isn't always easy but it is so very rewarding and such a blessing to always have a best friend:)

Anabell said...

Me and my sister use to fight all the time we didn't even have the same friends and we are only 18 months apart, but the day she got married and moved away to another country I felt my heart break, I rarely get to see her. I see her if I'm lucky once every 2-3 years. Now I miss her more than anything and wish I could go back and change the way it was. You live and learn. I now cherish her so much it hurts to think how I just cant see her everyday. Enough of that don't want to feel sad. I was just browsing through your Italy pictures and I miss your long hair. It was so pretty and long. I thought the short hair was cute, but your long hair was you.

Unknown said...

I'm the older sister too and I definitely think we got closer when I moved away to college. We're not as far apart in age so she joined me 3 years later and we're the best of friends. I know being apart will be sad for you but it'll be like you never left when you come home.

PS - I'm loving the red bow in your hair and that fantastic striped sweater. Such a cute, classic look.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes, reading this - I bet you did for Gracie, too!


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