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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tour of My College Apartment.

Hello everyone!

I'm super excited to show you all a tour of my college apartment I've lived in for two years now. I've loved living by myself in a single apartment after having a slew of roommates, and I've really had the chance to make things my own.You can view the post and read some Q&A about my place over on my dear friend Hannah's blog, The Fashion Cookbook. I've been online friends with this lovely lady for a few years now, and finally got to meet her last summer while we were both interning in the city. Drop on by, say hello, and check out what inspires my living space!

With much love,




Anonymous said...

I went and saw the pictures. It is really cute!!!! Nicely decorated!!! Makes me feel so weird because I have such a blank looking home with a lack of uniqueness. :(

T said...

Where could someone get that "There's no place like Ohio" t shirt you're wearing??

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! TY for sharing! I, too, cannot be a minimalist ... do you know, I was at one time attending an in-home support group (run by a trained professional) for people living with panic and anxiety ... and one of the hallmarks was supposed to be living with no stuff around. I think that was when I had a short-breathing///panic attack episode and had to go outside for a while!

~ Jeannee, Sparkle4Jesus@outlook.com

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the apartment! I enjoyed having my own space while I was in college, and I'm sure you will enjoy being able to decorate and have a bit of freedom while you are studying. The lights on the clothing rack look trendy and will likely make it easy to see what you're getting if you come in late or leave early.

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