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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Southwest Style.

Hey guys!

I didn't realize I'd put together an outfit of completely thrifted items until I was writing the outfit details for this post. My wardrobe is slowly becoming entirely thrifted since I haven't bought clothes from an actual store in quite some time. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit yesterday! Even though I live in the midwest, this outfit was giving me major southwestern 70's style vibes. Except I didn't have a chance to take these photos in a beautiful, open desert. I took them behind a trash can by my apartment complex. Same thing almost, right?

Pretty excited because my little sis is coming this weekend to stay with me for the annual Little Sibs weekend Kent State puts on. They plan all sorts of activities for you and your sibling to do together, and it's just a really cute/fun time. Gracie LOVES coming every year. When I say love, I mean she tells me it's her favorite day of the year. Even more than Christmas and her birthday! That 12 year old though, man...she is growing up so fast before my eyes. I called my mom the other day and asked what Gracie was up to and my mom said "facetiming her friend." WHAT. I still remember using the corded phones and having to memorize my best friend's number at 12. Also, I was definitely still playing with Tamagotchis and Barbie dolls. #noshame

With much love,


Outfit Details:
Striped Wrap Top (very similar to mine for $17!): Thrifted.
Suede Skirt (identical): Thrifted.
Croppped Jean Jacket (similar): Thrifted.
Green Brimed Hat (similar): Thrifted.
Brown Ankle Boots (similar): Thrifted.


Katie Selt said...

This is such a good look! I love that skirt!

Katie | Katie Like Me

Anonymous said...

How very, very cool, that your sister is coming to school :) Hope you post pictures and deets of your sibling-bonding time (ahh - IF you can get her to put down her phone, that is!)

~ Jeannee

Kezzie said...

I hope you have a lovely time with your sister. My sister is coming over to see my new house with my very cute 6 year old niece on SAturday which I am excited about as I don't get to see her that much!!!
It was my ELEVENTH blogiversary yesterday- wow- if you would deign to come and say hi, that would be absolutely delightful! Hope all is well with you!

Raquel Z. Duarte said...

SO cute. And that top >>>>

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