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Monday, April 18, 2016

How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans if You're Short.

Being 5'3 and pretty curvy on the bottom half of my body I've always been told by fashion magazines not to wear wide leg jeans. I've stuck to skinny jeans since high school, thinking it was the only flattering pair of denim I could sport. Skinny jeans get boring though and a more wide leg is coming back in style, which is refreshing. I've contemplated buying a pair of wide legs and gone back and forth thinking "I really want them but they don't look good!" I finally just said absolutely SCREW IT and bought a pair at the thrift store for $5 last week! They're Levi's 515's (sold at Kohl's) and I'm obsessed. Here's some tips for buying wide leg jeans if you're thinking about purchasing a pair. Or better yet: forget any fashion rules and just get a pair anyways.

1. Go for a darker wash. A solid, darker wash stream lines the leg and always looks classic.
2. Avoid whiskering. Whiskers are the light fades of color across the thigh region of jeans for a stylistic touch. They tend to accent thighs, so since I'm curvy there I shy away from them.
3. Wear heels. Totally optional for a more elongated figure (and less chance of the bottoms dragging on the ground). A pointed toe makes your legs seem even longer. Another great shoe option are nude sandals/pumps!
4. Don't be afraid to try short sized. The jeans I'm wearing in these photos are 8 shorts and they're perfect! I'm 5'3, so I'd say if you're my height or under these are a great option if you're not wanting to invest in money to tailor.
5.Thrift the jeans. I didn't want to make a big commitment to buying wide leg jeans if I was unsure how they would look on me or how to style them. Buying a pair for $5 at Goodwill made me feel less guilty about my purchase and more excited to just experiment with them. 

Like I said, if you're weary about wearing wide leg jeans these tips can help you find a pair. Still, if you want to just go for it and break all these tips, that can be done too! Fashion rules are meant to be broken. x 

With much love, Lauren

Outfit Details
Levi 515s: Thrifted.
White Laser Cut Blouse (similar): Forever21.
Tan Duster Sweater (similar): Thrifted.
Black Patent Heels (identical): Payless.
Black Brim Hat (similar): c/o OASAP.
Small Bucket Bag (similar for $30): Thrifted.



Hdebrus said...

Hello! I'm 5'2" and I wear flares most often. I always wear a comfy pair of heels & tada, feel pretty hot!!

I don't always comment, but I love your style and your positive approach to life. Keep writing!

Lee said...

I'm very short (4'9") and I love wearing flare jeans! I thrifted a pair back in the fall and they're seriously the most flattering jeans I own!! I am totally digging this outfit though :)

Lee - leethrifts.com

Carmel Elizabeth said...

I've been excited about this post since I saw the first shot on Instagram! I love the wide-leg jean look, and I actually think that done right (as in this post) it can really elongate the leg. :)

My struggle to find jeans that don't drag pre-altering is yet to come to an end, and I am still looking for that perfect pair, but thanks for the tips! I'll keep them in mind. ^.^

Kara said...

I'm a curvy hipped lady myself and I LOVE this look! You look really adorable.

Raquel Z. Duarte said...

Love this look. I would totally wear that outfit.

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