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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall in Photos.

Fall. Nearly everyone I knows favorite season. It's hard not to love it. Everything about it just seems to scream "comfort", "family", "warmth", and "delicious" (the treats, that is). Fall memories of me when I was a little girl stand out most to me amongst other snapshots inside my cluttered mind. I love to replay them every year and relive them as much as I can; doing the same traditions I did when I was 4, 8, 13, 18, and now 22. The magic never seems to dull as I grow older. And I hope it never does. 

I really enjoy creating in this season, as well. It can be anything from photography, to outfits, to writing, to even food. Perhaps my inner time clock is ticking knowing that coming around the corner is winter, my least inspiring season where I tend to hibernate. So, inspiration is kicked into overdrive for one last hoorah. Or, maybe the changes I see all around me inspire inward changes in myself that propel forth creative energy. Creating is one of the things that keeps me sane. As an overthinker, to just quiet the noise by busying myself in producing something tangible, I release many a pent up frustration or worry I may have. Creating doesn't have to be for an audience. To simply produce for yourself opens up many doors for the mind and soul to become revitalized.

Anticipating that my inspiration steam engine continues to move forward at full speed as each day become shorter and the inky night comes sooner. When the steady rain falls I hear outside my second floor apartment window will become silent, breathless snowflakes that bury me beneath them...I hope I can still breathe a sigh of relief with the clicking of my laptop key; the scratching of my pen; the shutter of my camera; and the reverberations of thoughts in my mind. 

With much love, Lauren.

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Sarah said...

Such a lovely post, those photo's make me feel so cozy! I always feel more creative during autumn. x


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