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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween 2015: DIY Statue of Liberty Costume!

You can take the girl out of New York City, but you can't take the New York City out of the girl!

When I think about what I want to turn myself into every year for Halloween, I always ask myself the questions, "what am I passionate about right now? What am I absolutely obsessed with?" Growing up I loved Barbie dolls so a DIY Barbie in a Box costume it was one year. Hey Arnold was my absolute favorite show growing up and I've felt as I get older I can relate to Helga Pataki more and more. So my freshman year of college I brought her to life in a quick DIY of a painted dress, a wig, and her precious Arnold locket. And then it's no secret to any of you that I have quite the obsession with coffee, so I decided why not take it to the next level? So I became a DIY starbucks cup complete with whipped cream on top! 

Ever since getting back in August, all I can think about is New York. Every morning, every afternoon, every evening. So, I decided, why not just become New York City's most iconic, powerful lady for an evening? And so Statue of Liberty I decided to be for this Halloween!

It's a super easy costume and everything cost under $15 total to create. I went and bought a white sheet at my local Goodwill and dyed it this perfect turquoise color. There's actually no sewing involved in this dress; I just looked up a tutorial online on how to do a toga and pinned and knotted where need be. My belt is a long gold necklace actually and all my other jewelry and shoes previously thrifted items in my wardrobe. 

My torch really lights up because it is a flashlight! I just bought a $1 one at the dollar store and painted it turquoise. I taped yellow, ripped up tissue paper around the edges to resemble a flame. It looks super cool when lit up & like a real torch! My book is just a thin one I had around my apartment and I taped some felt around the cover and added the little stick on stars just for aesthetics' sake.

The crown, which I was super nervous about, wasn't hard at all. I just cut out the pieces with construction paper, painted them, and then tapped everything together onto a plastic headband. So simple!

Hope you all enjoyed this year's Halloween costume! I'm so excited to wear it for a party tonight and then for Kent's Halloween tomorrow. Here comes Lady Lib! x

With much love, Lauren.


Amanda said...

This is adorable!!! I loveloveloveee it!! Great job on everything! :) I love the dusting of gold sparkle on yourself as well! So pretty!!


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Oh my gosh this is genius! I totally want to do a New York themed costume next year and include my husband and dog!
Little Sloth

Unknown said...

Ingenius! So lovely <3

bashashhazbaz said...

ok, that costume idea is totally awesome!

The Eyre Effect said...

Ooh, this is such a great idea and the way it came out works so well! It's so pretty and classic! And I LOVE that you're all glittery.

The Magpie said...

Absolutely adorable! I love how detailed everything is, even down to the body sparkles. Super creative and it turned out great :) I love that you make everything yourself instead of just buying a run-of-the-mill costume; it makes everything look that much better. So cute!

Unknown said...

What website did you go to for toga tutorial? Looks awesome.

Aubrie said...

Can you PLEASE tell me or link me to how you made the dress? I cant find anything like this elsewhere

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