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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dahlia Daze.

Maroon Dress: Modcloth.
Jacket, Boots: H&M.
Scarf: Market in Florence.


Was out exploring this past weekend and came across the sweetest little apple orchard here in Kent. I didn't have time to really explore it that day, but my eyes spotted the most beautiful patch of Dahlias and I knew I'd have to return to take some photos by them. I came back the next day and shot these photos, and I was so lucky to capture them when I did. The owner of the farm said they would be gone the next day because of the impending frost coming. How delicate life is! The stunning beauty of nature's delicacies here one day abd gone the next...just goes to show you to take advantage of every little thing, every little day. 

I've been quite frustrated this past week with some going ons back in my hometown. There has been a slew of bomb threats at different school districts in my county (and when I say slew, I'm talking around 5-6 just in the last week). Many of the schools are elementary schools, and I'm sure most of you know that I have a little sister who is just 12 years old. It's incredibly frustrating and painful. Growing up, I NEVER ONCE in the 12 years I attended school in my district  feel afraid to go to school or had the threat of a bomb or shooter impressed on me. I don't understand why people do this stuff and what's happened in the last decade. It seems like all I see anyone is about innocent lives being taken away in schools across the country and fear being place in the hearts of little ones where inspiration and education should be instead. My sister's school has not been threatened yet, but every day I dread going on my facebook for fear of seeing that her school has been evacuated.

I don't want this to turn into a big hot debate in the comments on US gun laws and school safety. I just wish that what's right for schools and children here in America could be put into pratice instead of this mad chaos that seems to be taking over the educational system. Please, if you could, say a prayer for my county here in Ohio that the bomb threats on schools will cease and hopefully steps will be taken by our government to further protect children and prevent this from continually happening. x

With much love, Lauren.


aurelia said...

Très joli style ! joli blog

Sammi said...

Oh my goodness, how beautiful. And such an astute observation of how fragile life is. I hate that this is happening in our country, and how insane it is that these particular events are happening in your hometown. <3

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Your photos make me wanna visit Ohio :)

Unknown said...

I adore dahlias! And I love this outfit. Super cute.

valentina said...

God, it makes me so sad to even think people could attack elementary schools. I know it happens, but it floors me every time. I really hope they are just threats, this time.

Anyway, I really love that scarf, and the collar on that dress. Super cute. Well done in catching the flowers before they died too!

Andrea said...

How awful to have such nasty things aimed at any place, but particularly where innocent people are involved.
I sincerely hope that your home town and surrounding areas remain safe.
Such beautiful photos and a gorgeous outfit:-)

SB said...

Saying a prayer for not just you and your sister but for all those affected. I cannot imagine the fear that must surround going to school like you when I was at school there was never any threat of violence. I've typed and re typed more but I want to respect your request not to turn this into a debate about guns as I wasn't sure if what I was typing came into that catogary.

On a less serious note I adore the colour of that dress.

Wild Flower said...

You look beautiful Lauren, I absolutely love that dress. The color, the collar, the length, just beautiful. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. Hopefully things will settle down and nothing serious will happen a all!


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