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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Capturing Coffee.

One of my favorite things to photograph is coffee.I'm in a sort of photojournalism class this semester for my minor, and my professor is always telling us, "seek out stories; look for moments to capture." In my mind, the essence of "a moment" is drinking coffee.

It's this really weird experience that makes drinking coffee for me a "moment" (when to most people it's simply that, just drinking coffee). When I drink a cup of coffee, it's as though I can feel like me. It emboldens me and gives me confidence to say what I need to say when I have a steaming cup of a concoction held between my hands. But opposing it's power to more me more fierce, it also softens me. When I'm stressed out and everything seems to be going to hell and a hand basket I let myself make a cup of coffee, and the ritual instantly calms me. Sipping the drink and just taking in a deep breath as I smell the strong aroma takes every scattered nerve in my body and says, "relax, it will be okay." 

There's a reason people often meet for dates or just to hang out with friends by getting a cup of coffee. There's just something about it...that seems to help along life's most intimate moments between people. I can recall that many of my most life changing conversations or vivid memories were in coffee shops or sipping a coffee somewhere with someone. It just holds magic and meaning for me.

So, I really like to capture coffee with my photographs. It's allows me to try and trap those indescribable feelings I have when I drink a cup of coffee. Any cup of coffee. Crappy, exceptional, iced, frozen, hot, in a ceramic mug, or even in a to go paper cup. It's all my lovable coffee just the same. x

With much love, Lauren.

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The Eyre Effect said...

There really is something so perfect about coffee. I love the images you've captured of it; they're all so creative and unique!

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