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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Starting to See Summer.

Vintage 70's Maxi Dress, Turquoise Earrings: Thrifted.
Lipstick in WNW Mauve Outta Here.

Hello there everyone!

 Summer has been incredibly busy for me so far which has surprisingly been enjoyable. If given too much time to sit around and think, I tend to lament myself into sadness with my thoughts...so it's best that I try and stay constantly doing something to keep my mind a-going. I've been spending a lot of time enjoying my family before I'm away for four months, and my boyfriend (that's still really weird to say), as well. We had a little bonfire with s'mores the other night that made me want an eternal summer!

I've also just been keeping up with the store (thank you all so much who have purchased things!), and working at Aeropostale, too. It's been enjoyable and my hours have been picking up which I really appreciate and work hard for! Then this weekend we're having a garage sale with BUNCHES of old toys of my sister and I's...I have to run it myself since my sister will be at school and parents at work and I'm pretty nervous--people always seem to take advantage of me and jip me down because I can't say no! I gotta learn to get some back bone. 

Yawn, best be getting to bed. Ended up getting this post up far later than anticipated. A little surprise project to make my sister a white bunny rabbit costume for tomorrow kept me busy sewing all evening... By the end of it I was thanking God I'm a merchandise major and not design, ha. x

With much love, Lauren.


Hannah Barta said...

Lauren, you look so beautiful! I just love that maxi dress :) I'm glad to hear how summer's working out for you. I just can't wait for school to get out--done officially in 19 days! ;)


SM said...

Hahah I wish I was a merchandise student and not design. Sewing is so nerve wrecking and not for me at all xD Also, I wish I had your positive attitude toward retail. I work for one of the biggest clothign chains as well and it is so busy most of the time I can rarely see positivity in it.

Kezzie said...

I really want to learn to sew but haven't necessarily got the skills for it. Pretty dress Lauren-it is really nice on you.

I was reading over some of my old blog posts from a couple of years ago yesterday and found all these nice comments from you when you used to read my blog- I forgot you played the trumpet! Funny to think of you being 17-18 when you're now almost 21 and a super-duper blogger soon to start your last year of uni in Europe!! X

Isabelle said...

Girl, these pics are oh so gawgeous! Every time your pictures show up on my twitter feed, I'm just like Lauren has done it again! <3 I am so glad to hear you're enjoying the beginning of summer! Enjoy everything- love that dress btw.

xo, Isabelle


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