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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not Goodbye, It's See You Later.

Lavender Dress: c/o US Trendy.
Pink Flats, Mint Green Clutch (gift from a friend): Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Please Me.


 I've officially come home for the summer and left Kent State. These were the last set of photos on campus I took last night, and it already makes me sad to look at them. I didn't know what to feel last night sleeping in my dorm bed for the last time. I guess it never really feels real till after you're done, left, and go on living your life and you realize that you're not there anymore...I wasn't particularly upset, just wanting to come home and get all of the moving and packing done with, and even this morning I felt strangely stoney and unemotional. 

It wasn't until I was hugging my roommate goodbye at the end where it just came so unexpectedly. These emotions about leaving and not coming back until January to this place that I refer to as 'home'. I wasn't upset leaving last school year, but this one is different because I won't be back for such a long time. I'll miss the beautiful fall we have at Kent and the excitement of the new school year and all of my friends' tanned and happy faces in August. Instead, I'll return into a cold, snowy, barren campus in January after (hopefully) having the semester of my life.

It feels strange and I let myself kind of cry on the way home because everything will always be different, always be changing. I can never have quite the same experience again which makes me so terribly sad...because this year was incredible. And I know the summer will be incredible and so will next year, but they'll never be the same kind of incredible again. That moment is gone and it just becomes a part of your past. 

I will miss Kent State University dearly in the next nine months, but I know that I need to live my life and part of being able to do that is going through change. Change may be scary, but I know it'll all be okay; even if it might not feel like it right now. x

With much love, Lauren.


Allyssa said...

I'm sorry that you're missing Kent State, friend! Those 9 months will be here before you know it, and you'll be able to go back! This may be a really good time for you! :)

Unknown said...

So much identification with your beautiful piece of writing here ((LAUREN)) !

Lovely lavender dress!

Unknown said...

That dress is so amazing! Wow!

x Angela

Unknown said...

Gorgeous lavender dress. I love the sweetheart neckline under the floral crochet overlay. I also how you added pink and mint to your look. I love your blog and I'm following!


Lorna said...

Lauren! Again you are marvellous and this dress is such à pretty color to wear.
In those blossoming trees What more Romantic can we expect ? ;)
Love From Paris,


Alexandra Marie said...

Your hair looks gorgeous and that dress is adorable! Alex


Willow said...

Change is so very often a mixture of exciting and daunting. I hope you have a wonderful semester.
You look like the absolute vision of spring here in your lilac lace dress with that gorgeous blossoming backdrop. Such beautiful, beautiful photos.

Unknown said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a couple of months now and I go to Kent State too and I didn't know you did. What a small world we live in. Love your blog, your photos and clothes are gorgeous! :)

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