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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Drop Waist Retro Dress: Poppy Boutique.
Black and White Heels: Cato's.
Bow Belt: Aeropostale.
White Sunglasses: c/o Lulu*s.
Lipstick in MAC's Myth.

Hi all!

So excited to wear this new dress! I won a contest for a local boutique in town and redeemed it for this beauty the other day. Ever since studying fashion in college, I've really learned to pay attention to design details and marks of quality that make garments unique. It's become like a hobby to study garments when I go shopping; which is both fun and a curse that I just can't browse like a normal person now, ha.

But this dress is impeccable in so many ways. I love that it's an equal mixture of 20's and 60's. The silhouette 20's with a natural waist and then a slight drop waist down below going into inverted box pleats. I don't own any drop waist clothing pieces because they are SO hard to wear if you have big hips. I originally tried on a medium and it was perfect...except for all of the gathering and bunching around my hips! I went up to a large even though it's too big in the top (shout out to all my pear shaped sisters!) because I really wanted to own something drop waist. It's definitely a different feeling than my usual fit and flares, but not as daunting as I thought!

Then, this print is the coolest thing ever. At first glance I thought that the designs were embroidered in, but it's actually the fabric itself made to look embroidered! I love the 60's atomic esque feel of it and the neon pink accents. Oh, and of course the single layer lace collar is a dream, too...

Sorry to nerd out on all these design details, but it's just such a rad dress that I'm excited to now have in my wardobe! x

With much love, Lauren.

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Katie Selt said...

That dress is so gorgeous! I love the faux embroidery.


Alexandra Marie said...

So pretty- those glasses are the bomb <3 Alex


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Love the hair! Super cute! And the dress is indeed awesome.

Ada Ciuca said...

That dress is great! The fact that the material was made to look like embroidery is super cool, and the color scheme is lovely :)


Angela said...

So true! Being a fashion major definitely means that we can't just pick up a garment and head to the checkout, we're looking at fabric content, stitching, etcetc... It's mentally exhausting after a long day of shopping but soooo worth it! :)

Kezzie said...

This is a beautiful outfit and I think your hair is lovely. Though because you have added a belt, it is hard to actually see the drop-waist element-still it looks very very nice.

LaurenLovesLaugher said...

This dress looks so beautiful on you! (And I love your detailed descriptions of the details - makes me appreciate the beauty even more! :)

Lauren xx

Unknown said...

Girl, I feel ya on those drop waists! I usually run for the hills away from those. But it looks great one you! Honestly, that dress is worth it just for the amazing print!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

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