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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Star Won't Go Out.

Hello there!

These are my photos from an extended weekend in PA spent with Hannah, who I met through blogging, for her 16th birthday! I fell absolutely IN LOVE with her kitty Alexei and I think he liked me pretty well back-- showering me with kisses in the first photo above. We also snacked on Dunkin' Donuts and had the perfect ladies night complete with popcorn, hot tea (check out that perfect mug!), and girl talk. 

Laura came on Friday where we went out for Pakistani food; a first for me! I am not adventurous in any aspect of my life, but especially food. So I was super surprised at myself to like the things I tried out!

For Saturday we worked on setting up for the party in a super cool venue that was the perfect mixture of rustic and cozy with awesome local art on the walls. Glow sticks, fairy lights, and balloons filled with helium were the perfect little touches to the venue we added. All three of us girls spent a few hours getting ready and I taught them the magic of hair rollers; you'll never go back to a curling iron once you use them.

The evening was just nice and relaxing getting to talk with people and see Hannah's happy face light up amongst all her loved ones. In lieu of gifts, you could donate to a very inspiring charity called This Star Won't Go Out which you can check out more information here. Later in the evening Landon Austin and his best friend Aaron played which was so, so phenomenal. I've followed his youtube channel for a year and it was strange to meet him in person, but he was so kind. I had them sign a napkin for me! Ha, I'm such a fan girl. 

It was wonderful to attend such a beautiful and special part of this lady's life; I can't believe my 16th birthday was nearly five years ago. I hope she had a wonderful night she'll always remember; it was such an honor to be there! x

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

How fun!!! Looks like you two had a blast, and happy 16th to Hannah! <3

Fashionably Kay

Unknown said...
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Camille said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time! I can't believe that you met Landon Austin. I have seen him in a couple videos with his sister Dani Austin who is a beauty vlogger.


Chelsey Balderree said...

I love Landon Austin!! That's so fun!

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