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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Night Fever.

'Meow' Sweater: Aeropostale.
Circle Skirt: H&M.
Blouse: Clothing Swap.
Flats: Thrifted.
Hair Bow: Forever21.
Lipstick in Wet N Wild's Rose Bud.

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing really well! I am officially on my spring break, but I'm not back in my hometown yet-- I'm actually in Pennsylvania! I'm attending a birthday party for Hannah, a blogging friend, and have been staying with her family since Thursday and the party is tonight! I'm incredibly excited to get dressed up and have fun; I'll make sure to show you photos from my weekend soon

Miss you all-- It's been an all over the month for blogging and emailing and such...I need to get it together! x

With much love, Lauren.


Ruby Sterland said...

How do you always look so cute?! I know what you mean about being all over the place- let's pull it together, together! (If that made sense...) Your blog is always fantastic by the way, you have nothing to worry about Lauren! x


Elliementary, My Dear said...

Loving your hair in these pictures :)

Jamie Rose said...

This month has been so busy and off blogging wise for me too, so I understand! Hope you're having fun on spring break!
Also this outfit is very cute with its mix of neutral colors. I'm loving that sweater!

Isabelle N said...

Ahh enjoy your spring break! Just coming out of mine and the tears are already flying, haha. I love your hair in these pictures! I wish I could pull off a bun as well as you. xx



Jordyn said...

Love the bow! Cute touch :)
Pretty Lovely

Anders E said...

You look lovely! Take care!

Camille said...

Your "meow" sweater is so cute!


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