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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life's Snapshots #41.

Added this adorable coffee wall hanging to my dorm last weekend. My room is now complete!

Had DQ for the first time since October today. Mmmmm.

My roommate is so cool she deserves her own fashion blog.

The sweetest little cupcake with a sugar rose :)

My friend Sky got me this rad lipstick mirror. No more lipstick teeth for me!

Awesome cup of dark chocolate raspberry coffee.

Relaxation is magazines + tea.

Fogged up coffee shop windows make all the difference.

It goes without saying my roommate is just an awesome human being.

Got a new lipstick color I had been looking EVERYWHERE for! Have a review coming soon!

Most gorgeous dress I've ever thrifted. If you're interested in buying it, email me at laurenpfieffer@yahoo.com and I can give you more info!

My hometown is the coolest.

We can all thank puberty for this ten year difference.

My little beauty

 Give me alllll the teas.

Hi all!  

Sorry I've been rather absent in March. I've had a bunch of problems with my computer having viruses and I've been taking it back and forth to get fixed on... Hopefully it's all finished now and I can continue on blogging through the rest of March smoothly!

Here are some instagram snaps from the last month or so. I've really gotten into tea and am always looking for suggestions for new ones to try! I got my new passport which was hilarious to compare to my one I used 10 years ago for China-- thank goodness for puberty, right?! Lots of little other things that makes me happy like my roommate, all things coffee related, and throw some lipstick triumphs in there,too.

You can follow my instagram adventures with @passingwhimsies!

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

Your room mate's outfit is awesome!!! Austrian yodeller chic does it for me!!!
Mmmmm that ice cream looks gooood!x

Rebecca said...

DQ! Tea! Awesome roomates! Love it.

Also, I totally sympathize with the lack of posts. I just moved and it took 3 weeks to get internet at the new place. :( Now I'm trying to catch up. It happens to us all. Looking forward to future posts!


Camille said...

Aww! Your passport photo is so precious Lauren. You are so right about being thankful for puberty! I don't want to even know what my passport photo looks like. All I know is that it seriously needs to be updated!


Prints And Roses said...

Lovely pics!


Unknown said...

Wonderful photos every one! My favorites were those amazing lips and the big winner is the cupcake one featuring those lovely heart tights. So amazing, dear. Looks like quite a week :)

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