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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Knew You Were Trouble.

Lace Skirt, Green Utility Jacket, Heart Bracelet: Thrifted.
Weirdest tights in the world: Target.
Green Shirt: c/o Lulu*s.
Opera Boots: c/o Pink and Pepper (final sale!) 

Okay, so everyone knows those $5 tights at Target that come in little rolls, right? They're awesome, good quality, and come in fun colors. I was stoked this weekend to find that Target had them on sale for only $2.50. So I ransacked the area and came out with a few pairs that I thought I needed--especially a nice, mocha brown color that would be perfect for spring.

Anddddd they look like this above ^. I should have known better. My roommate has this exact same pair and she's warned me that they're the weirdest nude, skin, but slightly pinky/brown color to ever exist. And I didn't know that she had gotten these same forsaken tights at Target or I would have never picked them up. Can't tell you how many times people asked me today if I had forgot to put tanner on the rest of my body besides my legs.

Should have gone with the light pink tights instead of these. I knew it. x

With much love, Lauren.



Unknown said...

You are such a hoot! The color is a bit funny but considering they heralded the return of the tights closeup I cannot be mad at them :) A very welcome and wonderful return the closeup has made for me :)

Your outfit is so lovely and cool. Kind of a military up top and then sweet and lacy down below. Great color mix as well. Such a gorgeous cutie :) xx


The Dragonfruit said...

Oh no! I got those same tights today too...rats. Haha, I got 8 pairs from Target though, and I think the dusty pink pair you're talking about were in my splurge. Hey, for 1.50-2.50 a pop, I couldn't resist.
Anyway, I do love the lacy pink skirt mixed with the tougher olive green shades on top. The jacket and boots add the perfect contrast to such a sweet skirt!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Kezzie said...

Ha! Before reading your text, I was craning at the picture thinking, 'are those her legs or peach coloured tights????'
Cute, fun outfit.x

Elliementary, My Dear said...

I have those same tights. I've worn them once and they looked weird so now I'm stumped as to what to wear them with next. I got the pink ones too and they are much better. You should grab them if you have the chance.

Emmy said...

Lovely outfit, though I have to agree with you that a different color would be better. But you look lovely as usual. :)

CaptMO/ DJ ABO said...

Oh Miss Lauren, I've been away for so long there's tons I need to catch up on! I totally LOVE the color match-up you have going on here! It's a shame that you and seemingly everybody else doesn't like these tights, I think they are perfect, but then I'm also partial to tights, one of the reason you became one of my favorite fashion bloggers! Well my dear, it's so good to see you're still at the blog!!! I would die the day you stopped! :) Take care!

Camille said...

I couldn't help but laugh after reading your story about your tights. I can't believe that they are that color! Oh well! I love the title of your post. It is one of my favorite songs by Taylor Swift.


Hannah said...

That is all. ;)

Gina @ pregaming with coffee said...

Lauren! I love how you mixed the utility jacket and combat boots with a girly skirt. Your blog is just lovely. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

- Gina

SB said...

haha about the tights, I originally saw these pictures on a very small screen and thought 'wow it must have warmed up in Ohio really quickly but Laurens legs look a bit strange' that was of course before I read the text and saw them on a larger screen.

Unknown said...

This is such a lovely, feminine look. You are so stunning!

Fashionably Kay

ADesiPraheli said...

Despite the tights, I really love your outfit!! Probably one of my favorite outfit posts of yours till now. :D

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