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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Classic Feminine.

Pink Coat: c/o OASAP.
Black Wide Brimmed Hat: c/o OASAP.
Striped Top: Forever21.
Jeans: Aeropostale.
Flats: JcPenney's.
 Lipstick in Revlon's Sweetheart. 

Hi there!

 It feels like I've been wearing a lot of the same pieces over and over again in my outfits lately, which I really don't mind--it's just strange. For so many years I felt the need to have a different article of clothing for every single day, as in that I wouldn't wear the same piece of clothing even two times in one month. I felt like it made me powerful to constantly have new pieces and always keep people on the 'edge of their seat' for what I'd wear next. I thrifted so much I couldn't keep up with what I was buying and much of it just went unworn...

Thankfully college (and just general growing up) has taught me that wearing the same items is not bad and it's not embarrassing. I have a lot of clothing here at college but I don't wear half of it because I usually just stick to remixing a few key pieces and pull out harder to wear ones every once in awhile. It's difficult for me when shopping, because I never really know what I'll latch onto and what will become a vital part of my wardrobe until I just start to notice myself wearing something a lot. This black brimmed hat and striped shirt, my leather jacket, tan loafers, and a few key dresses....I find myself just wearing them over and over again in endless possibilities which is both inspiring and limiting at the same time.

It will be interesting to observe how my style will change even more this coming fall when I will have a very limited wardrobe. I am anxious and curious to see! x

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the first!!!!

Kezzie said...

Anyway, just wanted to write that before anyone else sneaked in before writing a long comment!!!! Yes, I've noticed you've worn some of the same items, compared to other times where there's loads of totally different pieces each day, but I've noticed because I've thought, "Wow, HOW did she know they would go so well together!!!??". Like yesterday!!! I would never have thought to put that cardie with dress and hat but it was super! And then you find so many ways to wear things!!! Blogging has made me better at that but I'd never have your eye for it!
Yes, Florence will be an exciting adventure in remixing!!!!
Speaking of Florence, I spent most of the time I was there, searching for an affordable green satchel (I didn't manage it there!) and drooled over sheepskin coats but the only item I ended up with (which bizarrely, I wore on Saturday, and features in today's post! I haven't worn it for a year!) was a gorgeous grey cashmere jumper from the most sublime vintage-inspired boutique just by Florence's main station, called Midinette. That shop is totally up your street!!! Everything is so so so pretty in there (though expensive!)


Katie Selt said...

Stripes are really you!
You look phenomenal.

I wear the same clothing pieces over and over because I feel like that's the point of clothing. Like my black pleated skirt. It's such a staple in my wardrobe that I wear it often.


Kimi, twenty-something simple said...

I'm really glad you wear pieces over and over again! I do the same, and I can't relate to the bloggers who wear something once and then it's never to be seen again on the blog. I'm looking forward to your Italy outfits. :)

xo Kimi

Unknown said...

You look like such a beautiful, bright flower in that lovely pink coat. And as long as the one wardrobe item above all others is featured (that being gorgeous you) anything displayed above and beyond that is always welcome :) xo

Victoria Talia said...

What a gorgeous outfit, especially the coat!! Are they still selling it on their site? :)

Jaela said...

So lovely


Intan Aprillia said...

lovely pink coat!


Emmy said...

I adore stripes and pink. Such a feminine and chic look. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely, pink It’s just so flowy n cute!! I never gave a thought abt teaming stripes n pink .sure inspirational :D EXCciteD abt ITALY:) I know its gonna be awsome n really repeatin Clothes hmm maybe isn't a crime; I guess. I always thought smhw uncomfortable abt IT .btw ur makin me think which is gud!!!!
Love ya-- ella.d

Wild Flower said...

Yay for using a piece more than once! Remixing is one of the best things about getting dressed, it is always a challenge! You look lovely as always, keep warm. xx


Unknown said...

This is such an awesome, casual outfit. The color and print going on makes it special. I'm in love with your gorgeous pink coat! This lip color is gorgeous on you too. I love that you like to experiment with different lipsticks too.

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