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Thursday, January 17, 2013

It Gets Better.

Cream Knitted Poncho, Floral Sweater: Thrifted.
Tan Circle Skirt: Forever21.
'Ruffle' Flats: c/o Pink and Pepper.

Dear high school readers,

Just half a year ago I was in high school, too. The four years I spent in high school were miserable. I felt suffocated by the person my classmates expected me to be. So afraid to express myself creatively, show a personal side to myself that no one saw. Isolation was so prevalent. I can count the number of friends I had on one hand and really only hung out with one of them outside of school. I felt out of place, outcasted, and judged on a daily basis. I never thought that things would get better. Actually, I knew they wouldn't. For supposedly being the 'best years of my life,' high school was one experience where I thought is there really any point in going through life if this is as good as it gets?

I know you. I know how you feel. I know that desperation and that feeling of wanting to get out. Of wanting to be yourself and reach your dreams and finding people who are exactly like you. I know the feeling of never thinking it's going to get better; that you'll be stuck in this awful hole of misery for the rest of your life. I know how it feels to think that no one understands you. That no one can help you. That you're all alone in this struggle of finding an inner and outer happiness.

But I just wanted to tell you. It gets better. I know it's hard to believe, hard to grasp but it really does. Coming from the one girl who really and truly never thought that things would get better. You have an incredible life waiting for you outside the confinements of high school. People you never thought existed. Who are genuine and real and don't care that you're a little weird. There's freedom to wear what you want and be who you are and say how you feel. The world is so big, bigger than you can ever imagine and realize but when you're in high school...it seems like that's all there is. Those awful hallways that seem never ending. There's cozy coffee shops and majestic forests and big cities and the most perfect place you can imagine.

Hang in there. Please. I didn't believe anyone when they told me that college would be the most incredible experience of my life but I wish had. Because they're so, so right. You have so much waiting for you. Don't give up, don't lose hope. 

It gets better.

With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

Love the poncho and colors <3

Unknown said...

Thank you for this. I'm a junior in high school and cannot wait for the liberation and fresh start of going away for college. You're beautiful and genuine, as always!

<3 Samantha

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Lauren, I felt so exactly the same in highschool! This is the sweetest and such a nice message for all girls out there who are struggling :) Thankyou on behalf of those you've helped.

Et tu, tutu? said...

So true! University has expanded my mind and my world in a way high school never could. So many influential professors and wonderful new friends and experiences - it is amazing and it took getting out of high school to realize how great life can really be.


Camille said...

You look so pretty in this outfit, but then again you always do!

I'm so glad to hear that it gets better after high school. I feel like at my school, you have to dress and act a certain way to fit in. I feel as if I can't truly be myself. I can't wait to leave high school and show who I really am and follow my dreams. College sounds like an amazing place and I'm so glad that you are enjoying it!


Ellie Balangue said...

I agree. It gets better. Always. just believe. :0 btw, love the outfit :)


Megan said...

What an insightful post! Love this outfit too, that floral sweater is so cute, love how you styled it. You look warm, too! :)

<3 Megan

Samantha said...

Another great look, love the poncho! Agreed, high school is not the best, life after is much much better :)

Unknown said...

It's true, i'm already on my second year of nursing school ( oh my, time does fly) and did change. Even my mum noticed, so just said it yesterday, how much i changed. I'm much happier, my fashion style changed, when you're in high school you wear what everybody else wears and now i wear what i like. And i like it this way :)
Ooh and thank you for stopping by my blog, i really liked that :)

x Audrey

Jeannee said...

Nice threads!!! I think part of what makes you so well-dressed, my friend, is that you dress appropriate for your age, in a stylish, cute, modest way - which is very commendable :) Your letter to high school students should be mandatory reading - part of every student handbook that is distributed to the incoming's!

Unknown said...

I can agree that here on the college side, I can be more of myself. There are people at school who are so busy trying to be successful with grades and things that they don't have time to judge me. The college life means focusing on the future, not so much on what others think of me. It does also give me room to dress the way I want.

By the way, you look so artistic and inspiring in this outfit.

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